Rab Se Hai Dua 16th November 2023 Written Update

Rab Se Hai Dua 16th November 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Rab Se Hai Dua 16th November 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1

Hina says to Gazal you made Dua Haider’s wife. So I used you and destroyed your house. And you’re such an idiot. You didn’t even realize what I was. dua kept crying but you were in my control. I ruined Dua’s life with your help. Dadi found my reality so I threw her down the stairs. I made your son hit Altaf and then I used ruhaan. I made ruhaan hate Haider. You still couldn’t get my game. I knew Ruhaan will see my reality one day. But everyone will think he hates Haider. Dua thinks she’s very clever but she lost in front of me as well. Hina is shocked. Gazal says I turned you against Dua. and Haider starts hating her. I was the queen controller. It was so much fun. I did a suicide drama to marry Haider. When he came to save me I told him how you were responsible for my mother’s murder. He felt so bad and he tried to save me. He had to repay for your sins. Hina says you’re so shameless. Enough. I will tell everyone the truth. She tries to go out. Hina says leave me. Gazal says you can’t go anywhere. You have to pay for your sins. She strangles Hina. Hina says Hiader was never yours. Gazal strangles her and says Haider was always mine.

Gazal says I will kill you. I sent you to the jail. She didn’t leave this house. Hina shoves her and screams. Dua says Haider I feel like Hina is calling me. Gazal says I could kill you the first day I saw you but I wanted my Haider. You have to die today. Hina screams for help. Gazal hits her on head with a vase. Dua runs towards Hina’s room. Dadi says China won’t listen. Gazal says goodbye. Haider says stop Dua. Ami won’t agree. Gazal is scared. She says they are coming here. They can’t save her.

Haider and Dua come to Hina’s room. Dua says Hina isn’t here. Haider says she must be around somewhere planning with Gazal. Gazal and Hina are hidden under the bed. Hina says Haider please save me. Gazal puts a hand on her mouth. Hina screams for help. Dua says let’s look for her in Gazal’s room. They go out. Gazal slaps Hina and says die here. Hina says have some shame. Gazal slaps her. Gazal locks Hina under the bed. She suffocates. Gazal says this gives me so much peace. It was my dream to see you die. Do you realize what my mother went through? You took my parents and Haider from.. You had to make Haider my husband I would have forgiven you. Now you’ve to pay for your sins. You’re going to die soon..

Hina says I didn’t listen to Dua. Please save my kids from her. Please give me strength to stop her. She tries to get out. Gazla says wow you have powerful left? She shoves the mattress on her. Hina faints. Dua and Haider look for Hina. They tell Rahat Hina isn’t home. He says she must be sitting on terrace. Dua says she’s nowhere. Neither is Gazal. She can harm ammi. Gazal says are you dead sasu maa? She reads fatiha on her. Everyone will think she killed herself. Dua is worried for Hina. Rahat says stop worrying about her. She’s not loyal to this family. She will come back herself, Dua says no please we’ve to look for her. Gazal can harm her. They all look around.. Hamida says you’re such an idiot. She’s a crazy woman. Gazal says now you will be responsible for your death. I want to see you suffocate and cry every moment. You provoked me to kill you. Gazal moves to the gate. Hina gets up and comes out.

Episode ends

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