Rab Se Hai Dua 19th October 2023 Written Update

Rab Se Hai Dua 19th October 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Rab Se Hai Dua 19th October 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dua says Qainaat is my SIL now. If anyone tries to harm her I won’t leave you. Dua’s mom comes there. Dua is shocked to see her. She says mom you? She calls media there. Dua’s mom says I got a breaking news for you all. Women empowerment NGOS also come there. She says see these women from Akhter family. Here’s their daughter who’s pregnant without marriage. They came here to get her aborted. The media takes their pictures. Dua’s mom says they have no shame. They record their pictures and videos. Dua says what are you doing? She says what I should. They should be congratulated. Dua’s mom says this is Hina Akhter. She came here to get Qainaat’s abortion done by bribing. She wants to kill her daughter’s child. Dua is shocked. Ruhaan comes there. Ruhaan fights with the media. Dua’s mom syas the camera’s won’t stop. they will all know your family’s reality. DUa says don’t do this mom. Please it’s about Qainaat. Hafeez says Qainaat will be defamed. She says she should be. And her family is murderer. They should all be ashamed. My daughter stopped it otherwise they wanted to kill the child that’s no even born. These proud women tried to kill a child without her consent. They are evil. They’re not scared of the law. Gazal is scared.

Haider seesthe news. He is shocked. He says Qainaat is pregnant? He recalls everything. He says that’s why they wanted to take her to the hospital. Gazal says stop it. Dua’s mom says she’s Akhter family’s younger DIL who ruined my daughter’s marriage. She’s way worse. She forced herself in Haider’s life. She broke my daughter’s marriage. How would you feel if someone does that to your daughter? The women taunt against Gazal. They say her mmom must have taught her to be a home wrecker. Gulnaaz says enough. Get out of here. You can’t insult us. Dua’s mom says you better not talk about respect. This is gulnaaz. Like Gazal broke my daughter’s marriage, she broke Hina’s marriage. She’s a third woman is Hina’s life. Take their photos. They’re so great. Gulnaaz says enough. Dua’s mom says Rahat cheated on his wife Hina and his son Haider cheated on my daughter. They’re all cheaters. look at this Hina, I had so much mercy on her. Gulnaaz made her life hell. But she forgot everything and doing exactly the same things. She has no shame. I thought when people suffer they learn. Tell me what should be done with such women?

People say such women shouldn’t live. They should be ashamed on the roads. The crowd tries to attack them. Gazal says let’s run, The women hit them. Dua tries to stop them. Dua’s mom says have fun. See this, they deserve this. They deserve to die and go to hell. Dua says no please. Dua’s mom says you stay out. Dua says no please. Dua tries to stop the crowd. Dua says what has mom done. She opens the gate so they can run. The crowd says dua ji move aside. Let us teach them a lesson. They ruined your life. They lock them in a room. Haider comes there. Dua says you can’t law in your hadn. Please don’t do this. the crowd tries to go in. Dua asks Ruhaan to ask Haider to go from there. He says ask him to go, otherwise they will hit him too. Haider says what are you made of Dua? The people who ruined your life you’re protecting them? Ruhaan takes Haider on side and says you’ve to go from here. If people see you they will get more aggressive. He says I can’t leave Dua here in this condition. Ruhaan says you care for her? You hated her right? Haider says no. Ruhaan says I know you still love her. She’s a queen, she will handle everything. He takes Haider from there.

Gulnaaz says what will happen now? Gazal says how will we go out. It’s our private matter. Hina says that Hamida did it. I will not forgive her. Gazal says relax. The other door opens. Haider comes there. Hina says Haider please save us from them. These women want to kill us. Haider stops her in anger. She says what happened Haider? Haider hugs Qainaat. He says I don’t know how I became your enemy from your protector. Please forgive me. She says I made a mistake. Please forgive me. He says you made a mistake but some people did a sin here. You tried to kill a unborn child for your hate? Ruhaan says we’ve to get out of here. It’s getting aggressive. They open the backdoor. Haider says let’s go mom. don’t you care about your life/ She says my life is in danger because of Hamida. Dua’s mom. Now Dua has defamed us in the whole world, she will get us killed too. Haider says stop pretending to be a victim. The same Dua you kept accusing is protecting you. See her, you never understood her.

Episode ends

Precap: Few of the ladies colour their hand with black paint and walk towards Kainaat. Dua walks in between to save her from humiliation. Dua says her family was tricking her to get abortion. If a girl can’t get pregnant alone then why is she punished alone, she points towards her brother says he is also equal culprit for her condition and she takes Kainaat with her.

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