Rab Se Hai Dua 4th February 2023 Written Update

Rab Se Hai Dua 4th February 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Rab Se Hai Dua 4th February 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Gazal tells Dua that your family has done 3 sins, first one was my mother dying because of them and then my father wanted to forgive your family if they married me to Haider but he was thrown out of here after getting insulted, he died because of the insults. Dua says that’s wrong, he came here for your proposal but no one insulted him, Hina told him that Haider’s marriage was fixed with me already and your father accepted that. Gazal shouts you are a liar, you lied to me and acted like my friend and well-wisher but I know your real face now, you people are shameless and break your promises. Dua says we never back off from our promises. Gazal says really? your Hina and Rahat promised my father that they will give him anything that he wanted and only thing he asked for was to marry me to Haider but they denied him and he died because of shock. She laughs and says I am here to take revenge from you all. You people made me an orphan so you all have to die now. Dua says this family has done so much for you. Gazal says you people gave me some money to live and that’s what you people have done? I am hurt that you people took away my parents but you all don’t even repent it. Dua says it’s not like that. Gazal says you always lied to me but I know how to get my right. I know I deserve all this, I deserve what you have. In fact your most precious being is mine too which is Haider. Dua shouts at her to stop it, we gave you a place here but Haider was never yours and would never be, I never thought you had so much negativity filled in your mind. You have to leave this house now. Gulnaz tries to stop her but Dua asks her to shut up. Dua drags Gazal from there.

Dua calls everyone to the lounge and is grabbing Gazal. Gazal cries and says Dua you are hurting me. Haider asks what’s going on? Gazal tries to run to Haider but Dua pushes her away and asks her to shut up. Haider tries to go to Gazal but Dua stops him. Hina comes there and picks up Gazal, she asks Dua what is wrong with you? Dua says she is forcing me to do all this. Hina says what has she done? Dua says I can’t even repeat what she said but she can’t stay here anymore. Rahat says why are you doing this? Dua says this girl doesn’t deserve to be here. Hina says enough, you can’t just throw her out of the house. Haider asks Dua what happened? why are you against her? Dua says I will tell you all what she said to me.. she is about to tell them but the doorbell rings. They all turn to see the inspector there. The inspector says we have a warrant against Ruhaan. All are shocked. Haider asks what did he do? Gulnaz says you must be mistaken. Rahat asks what did he do? The inspector says Ruhaan attacked a guy name Altaf and tried to kill him. All are shocked. Haider says this is all Altaf’s doing, he is framing Ruhaan because of his insult. I won’t spare him. Dua stops him and says we have to be calm to free Ruhaan first, we can’t be angry right now. She goes to call Ruhaan. Gazal thinks I got saved because of that stupid Ruhaan.

Dua comes to Ruhaan and asks him to come downstairs, the police is here so you have to tell them you didn’t do anything. He looks away. Dua sees blood on his hands and is shocked, she asks if he really attacked Altaf? why did you do that? Ruhaan says I.. Gulnaz comes there and asks what did you do? Ruhaan says he misbehaved with Altaf. Gulnaz asks him to run away as the police is here. Dua says if he runs away then he will be a criminal, she says you can’t run away. She tells Ruhaan to trust her and come with her. She takes him from there.

Dua brings Ruhaan to the inspector, Hina asks him to tell them that you are innocent and didn’t do anything. Haider asks Ruhaan if he is okay? Hina says I am sure Altaf is framing Ruhaan. Haider asks her to calm down. The inspector says we have a complaint against Ruhaan, we have to arrest him. Dua asks Ruhaan to tell him the truth. Ruhaan says yes, I did attack Altaf. All are shocked.

The episode ends.

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