Rab Se Hai Dua 5th February 2023 Written Update

Rab Se Hai Dua 5th February 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Rab Se Hai Dua 5th February 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Ruhaan tells the inspector yes I beat Altaf. All are shocked, Ruhaan says he did wrong that’s why I did it. The inspector is arresting him so Hina and Gulnaz plead with Haider to do something. Haider asks the inspector if there is any way? I just want some time. He goes to call the commissioner and tells him everything. The commissioner says there was already a complaint filed so he has to be arrested. Dua stops the inspector and asks him to give her a chance too, I can’t let Ruhaan go to jail, I will do something. She sees Gazal consoling Hina and thinks once I save Ruhaan then I will take care of her. Dua goes from there. Gazal thinks she will try to convince Altaf but he won’t listen, if Ruhaan gets arrested then Haider and Hina will go against her.

Dua comes to Altaf and pleads with him to take the complaint back. Altaf says I was insulted and then Ruhaan beat me, I won’t take the case back. Dua says please take the case back for Hina. Altaf says she has done a lot for us but I can’t forget how I was insulted and Ruhaan attacked me, don’t take their side. Dua cries and ask him to come with her.

The inspector tells Haider that we can’t wait anymore, we have to arrest Ruhaan. All are pleading with him to stop. Dua comes there and says Ruhaan is not going anywhere. She brings Altaf there, Haider smiles. Dua tells the inspector that Altaf took his complaint back. The flashback shows how Dua told Altaf that she promises to prove him innocent but for now please take the complaint back for her sake. The flashback ends. The inspector tells Ruhaan to not repeat the mistake, he leaves. Dua thanks Altaf for not letting Ruhaan g to jail, we are all thankful. Altaf says I did everything for you only, I will leave now. Dua asks Ruhaan to apologize to Altaf. Rahat asks him to say sorry. Haider says I should apologize too, he says sorry to Altaf and says I will be thankful for doing this for my brother, I am sorry, he asks Ruhaan too. Ruhaan says sorry to Altaf. Dua goes with Altaf. Gulnaz scolds Ruhaan. Hina tells him that he shouldn’t have done it. Rahat slaps Ruhaan and says you should have thought before doing all that. Our honor would have been tarnished if you went to jail. Haider puts his hand on his shoulder and asks him to calm down. Hina smiles.

Dua tells Altaf that thank you for supporting me, I will expose that Gazal soon. He nods and leaves. Dua thinks I have to expose Gazal now. She goes in the house, Rahat tells her that you are our protector, I can’t thank you enough. Dua says I can do anything for my family, don’t thank me. Haider says what you did was not easy, you did what I couldn’t do so thank you, he smiles at her while Gazal glares at her. Dadi blesses her but Hina says she didn’t do any favor on us, the police arrived here because of her only and then she sent them back. Dadi says you should be thankful to her. Hina says I am not wrong, she brought Altaf here and then he tried molesting Gazal and then Ruhaan beat him up so the police came here.. Dua is responsible for all this. Gazal smirks and thinks this is in my favor. Gulnaz says Hina is right, I am with her. Dadi says since when did this start? she asks Gulnaz to shut up. Dadi asks Dua what were you talking about Gazal before this happened? Gazal gets scared. Dua says I will expose everything.

The episode ends.

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