Radhakrishn 10th August 2019 Written Update

Radhakrishn 10th August 2019 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 10th August 2019 Written Episode

Asur Trinavath emerges in front of kid Balram asks kid Krishna. Balram asks Krishna not to fly. Asur says he will fly away with Krishna and kill him. Krishna smiles while asur flies and then finally asur shouts in pain and falling down on earth dies and disappears. Out of flashback, Balram tells Radha that he doesn’t know how Kanha escaped and why he wanted to go to Barsana is still unknown. Radha asks if he didn’t ask. Balram says no, Kanha just told that his reason for going to Barsana is complete and he doesn’t have to go there. Radha gets curious and walks to Krishna to know the reason and is amazed to see many Krishnas doing raas/dancing with each Gopi, thinks how can this happen.

Radha walks to prem sarovar to know the answer and puts her feet into water. She sees asur flying with Krishna in sky and Krishna insisting him to fly more high. Krishna sees Radha in Barsana and then throws asur no ground and kills him, himself safely landing on ground. Radha thinks Krishna wanted to see her, so he wanted to go to Barsana; she has to know about him further.

Mahadev watching Radha from Kailash tells Gowri maa that Radha is stepping into final phase of her test and soon Radha and Krishna will reunite forever. Gowri maa says she is eager to see that moment. Krishna tells Balram that he cannot help Radha and she herself has to clear the final phase of her test. Mahadev emerges and requests him to reunite with Radha soon and he is eager to watch that moment.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that success and failure are part of life, but lesson learnt from failure is

Precap: Radha tells her lalla’s birthday is after 1 week and she will perform pooja for him in nearby Shiv temple. Radha says even she will accompany her. Radha meets Krishna and warns to tell who he is, else she will expose him. He says even he will expose her that she still loves him.

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