Radhakrishn 10th February 2020 Written Update

Radhakrishn 10th February 2020 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 10th February 2020 Written Episode

Rukmini sees people walking in one direction and thinks where they are going. Radha is busy cooking when someone asks Radha if she will not go to watch moon with Krishna and Rukmini. Radha says she will finish cooking first. Krishna walks to Rukmini and says let us go and sight moon. Rukmini asks him to have fruits first. Krishna picks fruits and collects them in a cloth. They both walk to shore. Rukmini says clouds are covering moon, when can they sight it. Radha watching sky addresses moon that Krishna and Rukmini are waiting to sight it, so it should emerge soon. Clouds move away and moon emerges. Rukmini gets happy sighting moon and asks Krishna to have fruits now. Krishna says how can he have fruit when Radha is fasting. Rukmini asks how can he say that. He says he is sure Radha must also be fasting when he is fasting, so she should go and give fruits to her. Rukmini agrees.

Rukmini gives fruit plate to Radha with milk glass. Radha thanks her and says her dear ones never forget her. Rukmini says milk is very hot and she needs to be careful and walks away. Balram breaks fast and sits for dinner when Krishna walks to him and says Radha prepared this feast, so he should go and thank her. Balram walks to Radha and thanks her for tasty feast. He informs her that Krishna sent her fruits and milk via Rukmini. Radha excitedly asks if its true and gulps hot milk in 1 go while Balram warns her not to hurry or else she will develop sores/lesions all over her mouth and throat. Radha feels pain, but says she is fine. Balram rushes to Krishna and informs him that Radha gulped hot milk and is in severe pain, so he should go and help her. Krishna says Rukmini will take vaidya to Radha as he wants to rest. Rukmini says when Krishna does not want to go, Balram shouldn’t force him, she will go with vaidya.

Radha with great difficulty tries to eat fruits. Rukmini walks in with Vaidya. Vaidya checks Radha’s mouth and informs her not to eat fruit, else her lesions will worsen. He gives her medicine and asks her to rest. Radha requests Rukmini not to inform Krishna about her lesions, else he will be in pain. Rukmini says it can’t be. Radha says Krishna is connected to all Gopis including Radha and Rukmini and loves them all. Rukmini gets more jealous and says she just knows that she is Krishna’s wife. She asks Radha to rest and leaves. She then returns to Krishna who is in severe pain as he can experience Radha’s lesions and seeing Krishna writhing in pain checks his body and mouth and relaxes not finding any lesions. She then informs him about Radha’s pain. Krishna doesn’t react and says he wants to rest for sometime. Rukmini gets happy thinking Krishna is not affected by Rukmini’s condition at all. Krishna rests and experiences pain while Radha experiences pain in her room.

Precap: Radha asks Rukmini if she informed Krishna about her mouth lesions. Rukmini says yes. Radha says she shouldn’t have as Krishna can experience her pain, so he got lesions. Rukmini asks how can this happen. Radha says it is possible in love.

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