Radhakrishn 11th February 2020 Written Update

Radhakrishn 11th February 2020 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 11th February 2020 Written Episode

Radha writhes in pain due to mouth lesions. Rukmini takes Vaidya/doctor to her and asks vaidya to check her lesions. Vaidya checks mouth and says her lesions have worsened and she wouldn’t have slept whole night. Radha says yes. Rukmini thinks how can it happen, even Krishna couldn’t sleep whole night. Vaidya gives Radha medicine and asks her to consume it soon. Radha consumes medicine and asks Rukmini to return to Krishna soon aas Krishna musut have fulfilled her wish. Krishna walks limping with lesions on his feet and digging ground gets sweet potato as per Rukmini’s wish. Rukmini says sh will go to temple directly. Radha says if Krishna has promised, he will fulfill her wish for sure. Rukmini walks way saying she will go to temple. Radha thinks Rukmini still has to understand Krishna a lot.

Rukmini reaches temple and thinks its morning and Krishna didn’t bring her sweet potato yet, it means she is still far behind. After pooja, Balram asks if Krishna didn’t bring her sweet potatoes. Rukmini sadly sits and tries to consume prasad when Krishna enters and says he brought sweet potato for her even washed and cut them into pieces so that anyone else shouldn’t touch them. Rukmini gets happy hearing that and seeing his bleeding feet gets worried, thinks how can Radha know Krishna so well.

Balram walks to Radha and tells her that he prayed Devimaa for her and offers her prasad to break her fast. Radha thanks him for prasad, but she will eat only Krishna’s sent fruit prasad.

Vaidya checks Krishna’s feet lesions and gives him medicine to apply on them. Rukmini applies medicine while Krishna writhes in pain. Balram returns and asks what happened to him. Rukmini says Krishna went to jungle to bring her sweet patato and got lesions on his feet. Krishna says its okay as happiness or sadness will not stay forever. Radha consumes medicine and feels her lesions have healed. Krishna lesions also heal dramatically. Rukmini is amazed to see that and asks how did it happen. Krishna says when she applies medicine with so much love, lesions should fade obviously; asks her to go and check if Radha is fine. Rukmini lesions. Balram asks Krishna how did it happen. Krishna says he knows what happened. Balram says when Radha incurred lesions, even he did.

Rukmini walks to Radha and asks if she is fine. Radha says yes her lesions healed. Rukmini amazed says here Radha’s lesions healed and there Krishna’s lesions healed. Radha asks if she informed Krishna about her lesions. Rukmini says yes. Radha teary eyed says she shouldn’t have informed Krishna as Krishna can feel her pain and he grasped her pain. Rukmini amazed more asks how can it happen. Radha says it is possible as she holds Krishna feet in her heart. Rukmini says Radha maybe Krishna’s friend, but Krishna fulfilled Rukmini’s wish and proved howmuch he loves her.

Krishna performs Mahadev’s pooja. Ugrasen announces Mahashivrati pooja. Balram says as Shivji’s biggest disciple, he will make all the arrangements. Krishna says they should force Mahadev and Parvathi to emerge by their pooja, thinks a special guest will come soon. Sudhama prays Mahadev to clear his problems. His wife suggests him to meet his friend Krishna and seek monetary help as Krishna has created golden city. Sudhama agrees.

Precap: Sudhama comes to meet Krishna.

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