Radhakrishn 11th September 2019 Written Update

Radhakrishn 11th September 2019 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 11th September 2019 Written Episode

Krishna shows Radha a beautiful jungle. Radha smilingly asks what is all this. Krishna says it is a gift for her and this is the place where Radha and Krishna’s love will be here forever, it will be called nidhi van and if people come here with trust, they will see Radha and Krishna’s raas/dance here. He asks Radha to feel the dance of their souls. Radha says it is time to return back. Ayan brings Vrishbhan and others to kaal van and tells Radha went into this jungle. Kirtida says whole jungle is burnt, where is her daughter. Radha comes from behind and says she is here. Ayan asks how did she come here. Radha says via walk. Krishna as Govind walks in and checking a plant says it is bhang plant and Ayan is growing bhang in his secret jungle. Balram says that is why he hid this

jungle fro everyone. Jatila warns to dare not allege her son. Ugrapath shouts to shut up and asks Ayan if he was seeing Ganeshji and acting weird after having bhang. Vrishbhan says he will not let her daughter stay with a sinner and asks Radha to accompany him. Ayan feels insulted and shouts that he will take revenge from Krishna and Balram.
Govind presents his covered gift for Radha in front of everyone and asks Radha to check her gift and inform if she liked it. Radha pulls down curtain and everyone are amazed to see Radha’s idol as god. Kirtida emotionally says he portrayed what they imagined always as parents, she always knew Radha is like a god and not human. Vrishbhan says he created a marvel with his silk, he is also god like and now he can take all his wealth as gift. Govind smiles and says he just wants love and did this for the sake of love, he doesn’t need any wealth. Vrishbhan praises him more.

After sometime, Krishna enters Radha’s room and throws flowers on her to wake her up. On the other side, Balram accompanies Chitra and asks where is she taking him. She says she is going for swimming and wants him to swim with her. Balram gets nervous. Ayan thinks Chitra is Krishna and he will expose Krishna in front of everyone. He gathers everyone and lifts Chitra’s pallu. Chitra cries that he spoilt her purity by touching her and seeing her face. Ayan says he did not mean to touch her. Ugrapath shouts how dare he is to spoil a woman’s dignity and punishes him, leaving Ayan and Jatila more fuming in anger.

Percap: Krishna tells Balram that Radha will get a boon with which she will realize there is no value for body in true love. Kans asks Ayan to seek a boon from rishi with which Radha’s beauty destroys completely.

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