Radhakrishn 13th February 2020 Written Update

Radhakrishn 13th February 2020 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 13th February 2020 Written Episode

Rukmini orders maids to decorate room with flowers as maha pandit is coming for Mahashivratri pooja, brahmin’s arrival will make Dwarka prosperous. Radha works correcting her hair tress repeatedly. Krishhna watching her thinks she has not learnt to fix her tresses yet. Rukmini walks to him and says Balram told a mahapandit is coming for Mahashivratri pooja, so she is decorating room and making arrangements for a feast. Krishna says mahapandit is very simple, so she should arrange a simple food. Rukmini says she is eager to meet such a maha pandit and says she heard there is a big belpatra tree in Dwarka, she herself will get leaves for Mahashivratri pooja. Krishna says thats good. Radha thinks Krishna wants to make this Mahashivratri pooja special so that even Mahadev and Parvathi get tempted to attend it. Rukmini

Sudhama wakes up Mahadev in disguise and asks how can he sleep whole night instead of searching Dwarka, what is his name. Mahadev says his name is Bholenath and his wife’s name is Uma and he heard about Dwarka’s Mahashivratri feast, so he is going there to enjoy feast for the first time. Sudhama says that means he doesn’t now where Dwarka is. Mahadev says no. Sudhama says he is Krishna’s friend and will get entry into Dwarka, how will they enter. Mahadev requests to take them along. Sudama agrees. They reach near Dwarka. Sudama says his friend built such a beautiful city. Mahadev says where is the path to enter Dwarka. Krishna hearing that says Mahadev is playing prank with his friend. Mahadev touches ground and creating path tells Sudama that his friend is weird and his city is also weird.

They reach near door. Guard stops them. Sudama says he is Krishna’s friend and Bholenath and Uma are with him. Guard says such a poor broke man cannot be Krishna’s friend. Radha passes by. Sudama calls her. Radha identifies him and asks if he is the special person Krishna has invited, Krishna will be happy to meet him. Guard asks how can this poor man be special person. Radha says person’s value should be judged by his nature and knowledge and not looks, on Mahashivratri Mahadev visits people in disguise, so will he shoo away even Mahadev. She asks Sudama to meet Krishna while she meets him later. Rukmini walks in next and asks guard who is this poor man. Guard says this man says he is Krishna’s friend and even Radha said same. Rukmini says it can’t be, she will go and check with Krishna. Guard stops Sudama again. Krishna asks Mahadev to get his friend in. Mahadev hypnotizes guard, and guard invites Sudama in. Mahadev says even he will meet Krishna. Sudama says he will not let him meet Krishna.

Precap: Guards stop Sudama from meeting Krishna and drags him out, he calls Krishna. Krishna runs towards him.

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