Radhakrishn 13th January 2023 Written Update

Radhakrishn 13th January 2023 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 13th January 2023 Written Episode

Krishna reveals Balram that their Yaduvansh will end soon fighting with each other, they can’t change their destiny and should just watch silently. Balram asks if he can do something for Dwarka. Krishna says he should continue to protect Dwarka and its citizens and follow his duty, let fate do its duty, this time problems is from their dear ones and not outsiders. Balram hugs him and promises to protect Dwarka till his last breath. Krishna says he doesn’t have any doubt about it.

Radha recalls Krishna revealing that Jara’s gift would be the weapon for his death. She pricks a thorn into her wrist and self-inflicts injury. Krishna runs and stops her, bandages her hand, and says he experiences pain when she experiences pain. Radha says when a thorn is giving her so much pain, an arrow would give him immense pain. Krishna says they can’t change their fate.

Devi Gauri says Krishna can’t see Radha’s pain, asks Mahadev if he can do something. Mahadev says his Aradhya’s pain is related to his past life and describes that Krishna as Ram had killed vanar king Bali hiding. Devi Gauri asks how can Ram do such a mistake. Mahadev says it was as per destiny and Ram had booned Bali that he would be reborn as a hunter Jara who will kill Ram’s next avatar Krishna.

Saambh steals Jara’s arrow while he is asleep. Jara wakes up and finds his arrow missing. H realizes that Saambh must have stolen it and searches Saambh. Balram orders soldiers to be alert and not let any fight happen between Dwarka citizens. A soldier informs him that Saambh and Jara are fighting. Jarra accuses Saambh of stealing his arrow which he brought to gift it to Krishna. Balram enters and scolds Saambh for disrespecting guest. Saambh says such guests don’t deserve respect. Jara says Saambh wanted his arrow yesterday and when he refused, Saambh stole it. Saambh says he is lying. A fight ensues between Saambh and Jara’s supporters.

Radha wakes up and asks Krishna since when she was sleeping. Krishna says since yestgerday’s pooja. Radha notices a worry on Krishna’s face. Balram stops their fight and says tonight there is a feast organized tonight, Jara’s plea will be heard then. Saambh determines to kill Jara. Jara determines to get back his arrow from Krishna. His supporter promise to help him. Radha informs Krishna its time for him to depart from earth.

Precap: Radha separates with Krishna and says she will meet him again in Golok.

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