Radhakrishn 14th August 2019 Written Update

Radhakrishn 14th August 2019 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 14th August 2019 Written Episode

Krishna asks Radha to accept truth that she wants to dance with him. People panic seeing huge snake Sudarshan. Balram realizes that Kanha asked to be with parents to protect them from snake, who else can protect them than seshnag. He asks parents to accompany him to a safe place. Sudharshan grips Nand in his tail. Balram walks to him and turning into seshnag warns how dare he is to harm his baba. Sudarshan greets Balram. Balram is about to kill him when Krishna stops him and says Sudarshan’s end is not in Balram’s fate. Sudarshan asks Krishna who is he. Balram asks if he does not know Krishna; if he is seshnag, then he must be knowing that he stays always with Narayan. Sudarshan apologizes Krishna for his mistake and says he was tricked. Krishna says it is a connection between

past life that gets them tricked in present life. Sudarshan requests Krishna to give him mukti. Krishna flies in air and stepping on Sudarshan’s head gives him mukti and disintegrates him into light. Radha notices that and stands amazed. Krishna walks behind her. Balram takes Nand with him.
Krishna takes Radha to show full moon. Radha asks him to stop misleading her and tell who is he. He says he is Krishna. She says if he doesn’t tell who he is, she will tell everyone how he killed snake. Krishna says even he will reveal howmuch she loves him even now. Radha says its a lie. Krishna says let us go and beck Nand baba. Balram takes Nand to Yashoda. Yashoda gets worried seeing her husband unconscious. Nand wakes up and says he cannot believe he is still alive, he fell unconscious when snake gripped him. Krishna walks to them with Radha. Radha asks Krishna if he killed snake to protect Nand baba, why it snake disintegrate into light, he should tell who he is, else she will tell everyone that he killed snake. Krishna says even he will tell that she still loves him.

Jatila and Ayan think Kans must have sent that snake to kill Krishna, now that snake is dead, there is no use to stay here. She tells Yashoda that it is inauspicious that snake caught Nand and pooja cannot happen now, so they should return home. Yashoda says she celebrates her Kanha’s birthday every year by praying Mahadev. Jatila says people’s safety is important than pooja. Radha interferes and says snake stays around Mahadev’s neck and it cannot interfere between pooja. Krishna says he saw snake going far away and will not return, so they can finish pooja. Everyone back Radha. Nand says they will perform pooja in the morning and leave. Radha insists Krishna to tell who he is before morning.

Precap: Radha prays Mahadev to emerge in front of her. Krishna tells Mahadev that Radha is ready to see him. Mahadev emerges.

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