Radhakrishn 19th November 2022 Written Update

Radhakrishn 19th November 2022 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 19th November 2022 Written Episode

Astha sakhis ask Krishna who is looking most beautiful and whose hand will he hold and go on an excursion. Krishna says Radha is looking most beautiful. Radha says she didn’t even get ready, he should choose one among Astha sakhis. Astha sakhis say they trust Krishna and will let him walk holding Radha’s hand. Radha feels happy. Devi Gauri feels happy for Radha. Mahadev says no one can understand a woman’s mind. Devi Gauri says only a woman can understand another woman’s mind and asks him to wait and watch Radha’s leela.

Krishna wlaks in market holding Radha’s hand. He notices Radha’s happiness and reminds he had promised to hold most beautiful looking girl’s hand and buy gifts to Astha sakhis. He buys gifts for Astha sakhis. Radha insists him to give gifts to even her. Krishna says its only for his Astha sakhis, but buys her desired gifts on her insistence.

Back home, Radha shows her gifts to Kirtida. Kirtida says they are really good. Radha says she bought them for her and decorates her with the gifts. Krishna feels impressed with Radha’s gesture. Yashoda gets emotional. Krishna applies nazar ka teeka on Yashoda. Yashoda gets more emotional and tells Radha that she wants to keep her with her forever. Radha smiles. Mahadev tells Devi Gauri that there is something more on the way.

Krishna thanks Sri/Radha for decorating Yashoda maiya and says if his maiya is happy, even he is happy, though Radha lied to her maiya. Radha says even he lies to win everyone’s heart. Krishna asks why did she break astha sakhis’ hearts. Radha says she wanted to teach him a lesson. Krishna challenges that he will impress each Astha sakhi and spend time with them. Radha accepts his challenge.

Balram visits kailash and invites Mahadev and devi Gauri for the celebration. Degi Gauri asks what is the celebration about. Balram says he just knows there would be dance and music. Devi Gauri says she is super excited to watch Radha Krishna’s dance. Mahadev says he knows what would happen there. Balram requests to give him some clue. Mahadev says he should question his brother itself and says he is eager to address Krishna leela soon.

Kans returns home. Asthi provokes him and asks him to tackle Krishna soon or else Jarasandh will laugh on him that he couldn’t kill Krishna. Kans cuts his palm and takes oath that he will not call Jarasandh to Mathura until he kills Kans. Prapti pleads him to take back his oath. Kans refuses. Radha searches Krishna and thinks she wants to know what his plan is. Krishna says he feels sad and wants to meet Mahadev.

Precap: Radha tells Krishna that she has found a solution to calm down everyone and plans Radha Krishna’s raas/dance.

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