Radhakrishn 1st August 2019 Written Update

Radhakrishn 1st August 2019 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 1st August 2019 Written Episode

Achyuta tells Radha that Krishna remembers her every detail, but he should forget her. Radha says yes. Achyuta says she will go now. Jatila tells Ayan that Ugrapath is trusting Achyuta more than them and revealed what is in his secret box to her and not them. Ayan says yes. Jatila says they should do something with which Ugrapath hates Achyuta and kicks her out of house. They see Achyuta running away holding Ugrapath’s box and discuss that Achyuta herelf is making their work easy. Ayan calls Ugrapath and says Achyuta stole his box. Jatila backs him. Ugrapath does not trust them. Radha says if Achyuta has really done this, she will fail to trust anyone in life.

Krishna takes box to Balram. Balram asks why did he steal box from Radha’s house. Krishna says this will change Radha’s life and asks if he brought blacksmith. Balram says they don’t call him Balram just like that and with just a hit from his finger opens lock. Krishna smiles.

Jatila asks Ugrapath to complain against Achyuta. Radha promises Jatila to wait till sunset and if Achyuta does not return and her trust fails, she will do whatever Jatila says. Ayan sees Radha’s hand turning blue due to poison effect still in her body. Ugrapath complains mukhiya Vrishbhan against Achyuta that she stole his family’s precious box. Vrishbhan says Achyuta broke his trust even after he kept her in his house. Radha requests him to wait till sunrise and if Achyuta does not return, he can announce punishment. After sunset, Jatila asks Vrisbhan to announce his judgment. Vrisbhan says Achyuta cannot enter surround 140 villages. Achyuta enters playing music with drummers.

Precap: Vrishbhan asks Achyuta that she is alleged of stealing, then why did she return back. Achyuta says Ugrapath stole his own box and not her. Balram asks what is he trying to prove. Krishna says he will make Radha realize howmuch she loves him.

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