Radhakrishn 20th November 2019 Written Update

Radhakrishn 20th November 2019 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 20th November 2019 Written Episode

Nand hugs Krishna and asks him to go and free his biological parents from Kans’ jail. Yashoda asks if he will forget his Yashoda Maiya after getting devaki maiya. Krishna asks what is she telling, more than birth, whoever upbrings is great, he wants to prove that her foster mother is everything to her, she bought him up and converted a small helpless kid to Krishna, he will never forget her and will be called as Yashoda Nandan always. He then thanks Radha for make it easier for him to reveal truth to his foster parents. Radha says she could complete her task because of his encouragement. Krishna requests her to meet him once tonight before he leaves as he needs to inform her one more important thing. She agrees.

Krishna shed tears and tells Balram that he will forever go away from Radha today and is finding it difficult to tolerate separation. Radha prepares kheer for Krishna and thinks what he wants to inform him tonight and gets tensed thinking if he will go away from her forever. Milk curdles, and Radha gets more tensed. She walks to garden to meet Krishna and seeing him not playing bansuri asks reason. Krishna says he doesn’t feel like playing bansuri today and asks her to sit next to him. His bansuri falls down. Radha gets tensed if bansuri broke down and she cannot hear his bansuri again. Krishna picks it with trembling hands. Radha asks him to play it. He plays bansuri. Radha relaxes and says she thought she will not hear bansuri again and will be separated from him forever. Krishna silently sheds tears. Radha asks what is the important thing he wanted to discuss. He says he wants to thank her for informing truth to his foster parents and supporting her always. Radha leaves sadly after chatting a bit.

Balram asks Krishna why didn’t he inform Radha that he is separating from her finally. Krishna says he couldn’t, but someone is there who can. Radha dreams of Krishna’s bansuri breaking and wakes up worried thinking her mind told her truth. She runs to meet Krishna breaking things on the way. She meets Krishna at the same spot and says at last he is separating from her finally, but her love is so pure that she will not stop him from performing his duty.

Precap: Radha asks Krishna why can’t he return to her after completing his duty. Devaki tells Kans that lamps signify his life and once last lamp blows off, he will be finished.

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