Radhakrishn 21st November 2019 Written Update

Radhakrishn 21st November 2019 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 21st November 2019 Written Episode

Radha emotionally tells Krishna that this is their last meeting, is there any way that he returns to her again. Krishna says his duty is to free his parents now and his duty will take him forward always and this is his fate. Radha holding his hand says even after knowing that he will not return and this is their last meeting, she wants him to go and free his parents and follow his duty. Krishna says friend’s request is his order; he knows his Radha will free him for his duty as love means not holding but freeing oneself. Radha says she will fulfill her promise, will play holi, dance with him, and see him off like a true friend. Krishna extends his hand and hugs her.

Kans walks to Devaki and Vasudev’s jail cell and seeing lamps in cell shouts who gave them them lamps. Devaki says when her son can breaks locks and free them, can’t he light lamps here. Kans says these lamps will help her in her son’s last rights. Devaki says these lamps signify her son’s victory and Kans’ defeat. Kans laughs and says he will blow off these lamps and tries to blow them off, but they don’t. Devaki laughs and says see his end starting with blowing off lamps. Lamps automatically blow off. Devaki says start counting his days as her son is coming. Kans walks away afraid.

Krishna wipes Radha’s tears. Krishna offers her bansuri. Radha walks away with lamps blowing off her way. Radha walks to god’s idol and says what she did was necessary, but why her heart is in pain and doesn’t want Krishna to go; now Narayan should make her love as her strength and not weakness; she wants to become Krishna’s strength and not hurdle; she promised Krishna that she will perform his tilak, see him off with her friends, and play holi with her and wants to fulfill all 3 promises. Krishna says without fulfilling her promises, Krishna will not go anywhere, it is his promise to her.

Kans starts Dhanuryagna with Rishi Durvasa. Soldiers force citizens to give all their jewelries. Citizens thinks Kans is up to something and it is better to get rid off such a king as soon as possible. Jatila and Kutila walk in and greet Kans. Rishi says it is time to sacrifice gram citizens. Kans tells Jatila and Kutila that Akroor had gone to bring Krishna, but he has not yet come, they should go and bring Krishna at any cost. Jatila promises to bring Krishna at any cost and leaves with Kutila.

Yashoda cries before seeing off Krishna. Krishna asks her not to worry as he will be fine. Yashoda says Kans is very cruel and don’t know what is up to. Krishna says Kans’ wish will not be fulfilled and she need not worry as Dau is with him. Jatila tells Kutila that they need to make sure Krishna reaches Mathura after leaving Barsana. Kutila says they should spread a news that Krishna is going to Mathura, then he has to go there whether he wishes or not, else his parents will be insulted. Jatila says she is right, Krishna will not let his parents insulted.

Balram sees many bags along with Krishna and his bag. Yashoda says she kept all these bags with Krishna’s favorite food in them; she may not go with her lalla, but her love will. Krishna hugs her emotionally and says he will take each item with him and wipes her tears. Balram asks when they should leave. Krishna says tonight when whole Barsana and Vrindavan is asleep, they will leave. Jatila with Kutila walks in and says she knows Yashoda must be crying, whole village knows that Mahamartya Akroor has come to take along Balram and Krishna. Kans thinks Krishna’s end is waiting for him.

Precap: Barsana people chant Krishna and Balram ki jai.
Radha stops Ugrapath from performing Krishna’s tilak and says she will perform Krishna’s tilak. Ugrapath shouts how is she related to Krishna. She says she loves Krishna.

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