Radhakrishn 23rd September 2019 Written Update

Radhakrishn 23rd September 2019 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 23rd September 2019 Written Episode

Sammohana walks in and introducing herself says she is expert in building market and hypnotizes Ugrapath, Vrishbhan, Nand, Yashoda and everyone present there. She says she knows all 108 village mukhias and will build a lavish market for them in which they can trade. Vrishbhan and Nand says she can take whole wealth and create a big market. Sammohana reminisces to hypnotize everyone except Krishna and Radha. Balram tells Krishna that she is Sammohana who is hypnotizing everyone. Krishna jokes not to look at her, else she will hypnotize even him. Balram asks him to stop joking and do something. Krishna says Radha will have to use her energy and do it herself by first provoking her energy and realizing her powers. He hypnotizes Ayan. Ugrapath tells Radha that good she got wealth and gave a chance

to meet Sammohana, what a beautiful name Sammohana is. Ayan walks to Radha and asks to follow her. She asks where is he taking her. He says to Krishna and drops her to Krishna. Krishna thanks him and asks to go. Radha asks Krishna if he hypnotized Ayan. Krishna says and asks if he should ask Ayan to dance. Radha says Krishna can do anything. Ayan returns back home. Jatila is amazed to him hypnotized and shakes him to get out of hypnotism and asks why did he let Radha with Krishna. Ayan asks what.. Jatila says Sammona is on their side, so Krishna hypnotized him.
Krishna continues his story where Prahlad continues praying Narayan and says Narayan is everywhere. Hiranyakashipu asks if he is in furniture, pillar, etc. Prahlad says he is in every atom. Hiranyakashipu hits at pillar repeatedly. Prahlad prays Narayan to let him keep his words.
Devi Lakshmi asks Narayan to help Prahlad. Narayan says if Lakshminarayan unite, they can solve any permits. Lakshmi nods yes. Pillar breaks into pieces and Lord Narasimha emerges. Radha asks if Hiranyakashipu got a boon of not being killed by any weapon or creature, how did Narasimha kill Hiranyakashipu. Krishna says he will tell rest of the story in next meeting. Radha asks what he was telling about his dear ones getting against her. Krishna says she has to be strong and face the event bravely.

Sammohana walks to Krishna and warns him that he insulted her by hypnotizing Ayan. Krishna says if she is Sammohana, he is Mohan, Mohini, etc., he is the one who create hypnotism to maintain balance on earth. Sammohana tries to hypnotize Krishna and orders him to go and dive in river Yamuna. Krishna acts and orders her to do same. She jumps into river. Balram noticing everything asks Krishna to drown her. Krishna says they should wait till Radha teaches her a lesson. Sammohana gets out of river and fumes that Krishna dared to hypnotize her. She reaches Kans and informs what happened. Kans scolds her that he warned her not to hypnotize Radha or Krishna till his orders, he orders her to hypnotize everyone against Radha.

Precap: Lord Narasimha kills Hiranyakashipu in midair no his lap with his bear hands.

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