Radhakrishn 2nd August 2019 Written Update

Radhakrishn 2nd August 2019 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 2nd August 2019 Written Episode

Achyuta enters with Ugrapath’s family wealth box. Vrishbhan says Achyuta that she has been alleged to steal Ugrapath’s family wealth box. Jatila says she herself saw Achyuta stealing and running with the box. Achyuta says she steals people’s illness and gives him health, the actual thief here is Ugrapath. Ugrapath says he is a pure Brahmin and maha panditt, how can she allege her wrongly. Achyuta takes out books from box and says Ugrapath’s ancestors gathered this knowledge in books to share it among future generations, but Ugrapath kept it to himself instead of spreading it, so it is a stealing of knowledge. Ugrapath praises her thinking. Achyuta returns his books. Ugrapath says his wife and son alleged Achyuta, but Radha had immense trust in Achyuta. He announces that

he will open a library or temple to spread has ancestral knowledge.
Achyuta thanks Radha for trusting her. Radha thanks her for helping spread her family knowledge to all. Achyuta gives her medicine. Radha asks if she knew she has not consumed medicine yet. Achyuta says yes via her divine knowledge and says tomorrow she has a special day waiting.

Next day, Ugrapath establishes knowledge temple/library in his family and Achyuta’s presence. Radha wishes to spend sometime spreading knowledge everyday. Jatila says their family bahus just work at home and don’t do all this. Achyuta asks Ugrapath to shut Jatila’s mouth. Ugrapath orders Jatila to stop and permits Radha. Radha thanks Ugrapath. Achyuta says she wants Jatila and Ayan to complete a task. They both angrily deny. Achyuta asks Ugrpath to order them and he does. Achyuta then asks them to dig the ground. Jatila says what will they get in mud. Achyuta says knowledge and before she returns, they should dig 4 feet pit at least. They both angrily agree on Ugrapath’s order.

Next morning, Krishna walks to Radha and says he heard he will get knowledge here. Radha converses and tries to discourage him, but he says he will gain all the knowledge by evening.

Precap: Radha asks Krishna when he did not study books, how did he answer all questions. Krishan says her face has hidden knowledge of whole universe. Ayan follows Achyuta and seeing her getting into Krishna’s house realizes Achyuta is Krishna.

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