Radhakrishn 2nd September 2019 Written Update

Radhakrishn 2nd September 2019 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 2nd September 2019 Written Episode

Krishna asks Radha to think about Balram Dau, he will be in big trouble if someone sees Dau disguised as Radha in her room. Radha says he is right, she will go from main door. Krishna says if she doesn’t go by balcony, he will forget his whole story. Radha enters her room via balcony and taunts Balram that he is looking more beautiful than her. Balram escapes via balcony. Ayan from outside shouts that Krishna is inside and if he does not come out, he will break door. Jatila insists to break door. He runs to break door when radha opens door. Ayan falls down. Radha asks if he is fine. Ayan shouts where is Krishna, get him out. Radha asks Ayan what is happening. Jatila asks her to stop her drama. Ugrapath says he already told them that Krishna is not here. Radha asks how can Krishna

be here.
Ayan and Jatila meet Kans and describing him whole situation says it is better to separate Radha and Krishna now. Kans says they are fools, Radha and Krishna’s unity is important aspect of his plan.

Krishna taunts Balram that Ugrapath will catch him if he sees him disguised as Radha. Balram gets nervous. He changes his dresses and asks Krishna what is his next plan. Krishna smiles at him. Balram warns to dare not think of taking his help. Krishna says Ganesh Chaturti is coming and this time Sri Ganesh himself will help him. Balram says he understood his plan and asks if Sri Ganesh will keep Ayan busy and let him meet Radha. Krishna says he is genius. In Kailash, Sri Ganesh gets ready. Gowri ji asks reason. He says he is going to earth to meet Krishna mama/uncle and will have butter like him instead of modak. Gowri ji says he is going to be part of Radha Krishna’s love story.

Balram walks to Ugrapath’s house playing drum with a few villagers. Ayan shouts how dare he is to come here. Jatila also yells. Balram says he is sent here to invite them for Ganesh Chaturti festival celebration invitation by none other than. Ayan fumes thinking he will take Krishna’s name, but Balram says Nand baba and he requested Ugrapath to perform pooja. Ayan yells, but Ugrapath agrees.

Radha meets Krishna in jungle and Krishna continues his story that Narayan was busy as fish helping Satyvarath pulling his boat while Madhu Ketup continue their terror. Devi Lakshmi emerges there. Madhu Ketup get mesmerized with her beauty, Madhu says she will be his wife and asks Lakshmi to ask whatever she wants. Lakshmi asks to think again. Madhu promises. Lakshmi asks to seek his death. Ketup says she tricked them. Madhu says they will die only from Narayan’s hand. Sri Ganesh reaches earth and stops seeing Krishna describing story to Radha.

Precap: Radha says she is Lakshmi Naraya and turns into half Narayan and Half Lakshmi. Ayan walks in jungle thinking he will expose Radha and Krishna’s truth today and stops seeing Sri Ganesh.

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