Radhakrishn 31st August 2019 Written Update

Radhakrishn 31st August 2019 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 31st August 2019 Written Episode

Krishna tells Balram that he and Ayan will help him meet Radha and Ayan will be an important part of the drama. He loudly says let us go to market/haat. Ayan hearing their conversation thinks he will not let Radha meet Krishna. Radha goes to market with Ugrapath and he asks her to buy bangles. Ayan informs Jatila that Krishna and Krishna are both here and they shouldn’t let them meet. Balram walks to Radha wearing similar dress disguised as her and asks her to go to jungle where Krishna is waiting for her while he takes her place till she returns. Radha hesitates. Balram asks not to waste her dau’s effort and sends her. Radha meets Krishna in jungle where he is busy playing bansuri. She tells Krishna that she could not even buy bangles in market when Balram came and sent her here.

Krishna asks to check her pallu and she finds bangles in it, excitedly says Krishna did magic here. Krishna continues Narayan and Lakshmi’s story that Lakshmi could not stay away from Narayan and says she cannot stay away from Narayan, so she will take Mahadev’s help. Flood starts and Satyavrath gets busy building boat where on the other side Madhu Ketup steal Brahma’s ved/books and create havoc in heaven. They decide to trouble humans on earth.
Lakshmi meets Mahadev and Gowri where Mahadev asks him not to feel sad as Narayan is doing his duty right and she needs to be patient. Lakshmi asks if he and Narayan together have planned all this. Mahadev says he has not. Gowri asks Mahadev how can Narayan leave Lakshmi alone, Lakhsmi can use even her powers and can do whatever she likes. Mahadev says when both powers have united, they don’t need his support.

Madhu Ketup try to break Satyavrath’s boat when Satyavrath prays Narayan for help. Narayan emerges and turning into fish pulls boat. Madhu Ketup decide to destroy veds and see till if Narayan will continue pulling boat or save veds. Radha asks Krishna what happened next. Krishna says Lakshmi Narayan came to rescue. Radha asks how. Krishna says let us go and save Balram first from Ayan, Jatila, and Ugrapath. Ayan, Jatila, and Ugrapath reach back home. Balram gets tensed seeing them and runs into Radha’s room and locks door. Jatila says Radha didn’t do right by returning home without informing them. Ugrapath says she is right. Ayan calls Radha to open door, but Balram doesn’t. Ayan says he is sure someone else is inside. Jatila asks to break door. Ugrapath asks not to, but Jatila insists him to break door. Balram gets more tensed.

Precap: Balram praises Balram that he is looking handsome today. Balram says he will not fall for his sugar talks now and he will see how he will meet Radha today. Krishna says Ganesh Chaturti is coming and Ganeshji will help him.

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