Radhakrishn 31st July 2019 Written Update

Radhakrishn 31st July 2019 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 31st July 2019 Written Episode

Jatila asks Yashoda where is Krishna. Yashoda says Krishna stays away from home always and returns home only for food, his friend….Balram interferes and says Krishna is sleeping in his room. Krishna walks to them and says he is at home since long and asks Jatila and Ayan how come they came to his house. Jatila says Balram told he has gone out. Krishna says he is everywhere and his magic is unique, says he is happy to see them both here and says he heard a powerful warrior Ayan was beaten by a petite old woman Achyuta brutally. Balram says not only once, but many times. Ayan agrily tells Jatila let us go from here. They both walk away. Balram tells Krishna that they came here to check if he is here and doubt that he and Achyuta are same, so he should reach Ugrapath’s house before them.

Krishna tries to leave, but Yashoda insists to have food and go. Krishna eats food hurriedly and gives most to Balram and runs from there saying he needs to give medicine to his friend. He disguises as Achyuta hurriedly and runs towards Ugrapath’s house asking Balram to arrange for a blacksmith tomorrow.
Jatila and Ayan reach home and ask Radha where is Achyuta. Radha says even she is searching her. Achyuta reaches home and feeds grass to cow. Jatila sees her. Ayan asks where was she. Achyuta taunts she is working and not lazy people like them who went out to escape work. Ayan tells Jatila there is surely a connection between Krishna and Achyuta as their speak similar. Jatila says they will surely find out. Ugrapath returns home and scolds Ayan and Jatila for going out of house and asks where they had gone. Ayan says they had gone to Mathura to meet a close friend. Achyuta asks if they had gone to meet Kans. Jatila nervously says Kans is a king and they are common citizens. Ugrapath warns them to not be lazy and tells Achyuta she wanted to now what is in this box, it has all his savings and precious belongings. Achyuta asks he should not tell this to strangers. Ugrapath says she helped his family so much and is not a stranger.

Radha looks at Krishna’s gifted bangles and smiles. Achyuta asks reason for her smile. Radha says she was checking if Krishna still remembers her bangle size. Achyuta asks if he. Radha smiles and says yes. Their conversation continues..

Precap: Achyuta steals Ugrapath’s box. Jatila and Ayan notice that and inform Ugrapath.

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