Radhakrishn 3rd August 2019 Written Update

Radhakrishn 3rd August 2019 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 3rd August 2019 Written Episode

Ayan digs ground while Jatila lifts mud on Achyuta’s order. Jatila fumes that she did not give even a glass of water to anyone in life and now has to lift mud, she will take revenge form Achyuta for sure. Achyuta hears them and asks if they said something. Ayan says maa is telling her basket fell down. Achyuta calls them lazy and orders to keep digging till she finishes important work and returns. Jatila asks Ayan to follow Achyuta. Achyuta purposefully makes Ayan follow him, stopping in the market midway and acting as plucking fruits with stone from tree hitting stone Ayan and making Ayan burn in anger.. She then runs into Krishna’s house. Ayan thinks his doubt was right, Achyuta and Krishna are together and he will catch them together and expose them. Balram sees him walking like

a thief and warns him. Ayan says Achyuta went into Krishna’s room and if he can call her. Balram says Achyuta stays in Ayan’s house, how will he come here. Ayan argues. Balram shoos him away. Yashoda serves food to Balram and asks to wait till Krishna comes. Krishna enters and asks food. Yashoda serves him. After finishing food, Balrma informs Krishna that Ayan saw Achyuta entering Krishna’s room. Krishna says Achyuta made Ayan follow her, now its time to end Achyuta’s character. Ayan asks if Radha is completely cured. Krishna says sort of and its time for Radha to accept her love for him.
Ayan meets Kans and informs that Achyuta and Krishna are together and he wants to expose Achyuta. Kans agrees to help him.

Krishna then goes to library and holding books looks at Radha while Radha gives books to others. She asks him why he is staring at her instead of reading books. He says her face has all books; knowledge. She laughs and jokes with friends present there. Even they laugh. Radha asks them to ask question to Krishna. They ask questions from books and Krishna answers them perfectly. They praise Krishna’s knowledge. Radha asks how did he gain so much knowledge without reading these books. Krishna says knowledge of whole universe is on her face and he just shared with them superficial knowledge, he will share deep knowledge with her tomorrow morning. Radha leaves saying he can stay here whole night and gain knowledge.

Radha returns home and searches Achyuta. Achyuta walks in and asks if someone called her. Radha says whole books’ knowledge is on her face and he answered questions perfectly. Achyuta asks if she is tensed that he answered questions right or he stared at her face or he gained knowledge via her face. She says no. Achyuta says looks like she still loves Krishna but does not want to accept it.

Precap: Radha accepts that Krishna was right, she loves him a lot and will love him forever, but he is not alive to hear that. Krishna walks to her says he never left and is with her always.

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