Radhakrishn 3rd February 2020 Written Update

Radhakrishn 3rd February 2020 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 3rd February 2020 Written Episode

Radha requests Krishna to refix his bansuri so that she can play his music for Rukmini. Krishna says Yewamastu Radha. Radha refixes bansuri and plays it. Krishna gets teary eyed emotionally hearing bansuri sound. Rukmini gets mesmerized and praising Radha says Krishna taught it, so its mesmerizing. Radha says if she understands Krishna, even she can play it. Rukmini says Krishna is in her each breath, it means even she can play this bansuri. She tries but fails, she says though she loves Krishna, she couldn’t play it, can she keep it and practice. Radha says she can. Rukmini happily takes bansuri with her. Radha thinks Rukmini is self-obsessed in Krishna’s love so much that she is not understanding him properly, soon she will.

Balram with Revathi comes to meet Radha. Messenger gives Balram a letter in which Krishna states that everyone are waiting for Rukmini for wedding He asks Rukmini to get ready soon and tells Radha that Krishna has sent her an invitation and she will accompany them. Radha says she will get Rukmini ready. Rukmini gets happy hearing that. Radha gets her ready. Revathi praises Rukmini’s makeup, and they both take Rukmini towards chariot. Balram asks Radha where is her bag. Radha says she knows Krishna didn’t invite her, so she will come only when Krishna invites her. Rukmini says she is Krishna’s future better half and is inviting Radha for her wedding. Radha says she respects her feelings, but she can’t come until Krishna invites her. Revathi and Balram get on chariot. Seeing Rukmini alone, Ayan asks Kutila to provoke Rukmini before she leaves. Kutila walks to Rukmini and asks her why Yamuna doesn’t drown Radha, why only she can play Krishna’s bansuri, does she know what it means. Rukmini leaves confused. Kutila returns to Ayan and says now Rukmini will be jealous of Radha.

In Dwarka, Devaki, Ugrasen and everyone wait for Rukmini and Krishna. Krishna enters saying he is here. They ask what about Rukmini. Krishna says he already told that Rukmini will return on time and she is already ready. Rukmini walks in ready as bride. Devaki and Ugrasen praise her beauty. Rukmini asks Krishna how is she looking. He says beautiful as Radha got her ready. Rukmini feels jealous.

Radha is busy performing household chores when Baarsana citizens walk to her and inform that Ayan has self-proclaimed himself as Barsana’s mukhiya. Ayan with Kutila walks in and says Radha is mentally unstable now, so her bestfriend didn’t even invite her for his wedding; hence he is Barsana’s mukhiya now. Citizens asks Radha if it is true. Radha says it is up to them to believe Ayan or not. Citgiens says then they won’t and Radha will be their mukhiya as usual. Ayan stands fuming. Radha thinks whatever people think, she just wants Krishna’s happiness. Krishna exchanges garland with Rukmini while Rukmini continues feeling jealous of Radha.

Precap: Revathi informs Rukmini that Krishna and Radha love each other. Rukmini while performing pheras with Krishna thinks though Radha loves Krishna, Krishna only only Rukmini as he is marrying her and not Radha.

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