Radhakrishn 3rd September 2019 Written Update

Radhakrishn 3rd September 2019 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 3rd September 2019 Written Episode

Madhu asks Devi Lakshmi she can ask whatever she wants. Lakshmi asks him to seek his death. Madhu says then he will seek his death via Narayan, but Narayan is busy pulling boat disguised as fish. Lakshmi says he doesn’t know she is Narayan’s Lakshmi and turns into half Narayan and half Lakshmi. Narayan throws his sudarshan chakra and beheads Madhu and Ketup. Lakshmi catches Bhramadev’s veds/holy books and requests him to reestablish veds. She tells Narayan that they both will protect human and pull boat to shore. Krishna says Lakshmi helped Narayan at last and they both saved the world. Radha says Lakshmi’s love for Narayan is pure. Krishna says Narayan protects Lakshmi always. Radha says like he protects her always. He says he will continue protecting her always.


waits to meet Sri Krishna. Ayan walks towards Radha and Krishna thinking he will expose them when he sees Ganeshji. Ganeshji thinks mamaji wanted him to help his and devi Radha’s love story by keeping Ayan busy. Ayan falls on his feet seeing him. Ganeshji blesses him. Ayan says he will get his favorite modak and even inform everyone about his arrival. He rushes to village and excitedly informs Nand and others that they don’t know what he saw. Jatila asks him to reveal it soon, thinking that he caught Radha and Krishna together red handed. Ayan says he saw Ganesh ji. Balram praises him and says let us all watch Ganeshji. Ayan takes them all towards Ganeshji. Radha hears people coming and hides.
Ganeshji meets Krishna and greets him. Krishna says he became part of his love story and true to his nick vigna harta rescued him. Ganeshji says he is very hungry and asks to get him butter which he came here for. Krishna nods yes. Radha joins mob and asks where is Ganeshji. Balram sees Krishna and asks if he saw Ganeshji here. Krishna asks what.. Balram says Ayan saw Ganeshji here. Krishna laughs on him and taunts Ugrapath that his son has gone mad. Ayan warns him not to joke. Ugrapath warns him to stop being delusional. Ayan reacts, but Jatila stops him asking not to get more insulted. Yashoda says they should return back and complete their task.

Whole village returns to establish Ganeshji’s idol. Krishn as promised establishes it with Radha and signals her to feed Ganeshji her hand made butter. Radha picks butter pot. Jatila arrogantly says Ganeshji likes modak. Yashoda says even laddoos and boondi. Ayan warns her. Balram asks him to feed modak to Ganeshji and see if he will have his modak. Ayan does, but fails. Balram laughs on him. Ayan says a lifeless idol cannot have food. Ugrapath warns him. Krishna says with devotion anything can happen and signals Radha to feed butter to Ganeshji’s idol. Radha offers butter pot to Ganeshji’s idol.

Precap: Radha offers butter to Ganeshji. Ganeshji asks Krishna that Radha’s birthday is coming and what will he gift her. Krishna says one that is very dear to Radha, ananth Raas.

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