Radhakrishn 4th February 2020 Written Update

Radhakrishn 4th February 2020 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 4th February 2020 Written Episode

Pandit informs that after Krishna and Rukmini’s jaymala, kuldevta’s pooja will be performed. Revathi says till pooja arrangements are made, they will play a seashell finding game. Balram says he didn’t perform this ritual during his wedding, so as an elder he will first play this game and then Krishna will. Krishna agrees. Balram takes him along. Revathi seeing Rukmini’s sad face takes her aside and asks reason. Rukmini says she doubts Radha as she informed many things about Krishna and don’t know why she hid many. Revathi asks how can she think of Radha like this when Radha did favors to her, kept her in house, served her, and even revealed a lot about Krishna. She then takes her for rituals where she and Balram play game and Balram wins. Radha before playing game tells Krishna that she wants a gift from him if she wins. Krishna agrees. She wins and tells Krishna that he vows her a gift. Krishna smiles. Balram asks Krishna why did he lose purposefully. Krishna says he did it with a reason which Balram will know later.

Revathi sensing Rukmini’s dilemma asks her if she is confused regarding Radha again. Rukmini tells what Kutila told. Revathi asks how can she think wrong about Radha while Radha is the one who helped her so much; she further reveals that Krishna and Radha love each other, even then Radha submitted Krishna to Rukmini and she convinced Krishna for marriage, their love is pure and eternal. Rukmini is shocked hearing it and thinks though Radha loves Krishna, Krishna doesn’t love Radha, else he wouldn’t have married Rukmini.

Krishna and Rukmini’s wedding rituals complete. Ugrasen says now they both have to perform pooja in holy water. Krishna and Rukmini perform pooja. Devaki says now they have to take a holy dip. Rukmini denies and taking Krishna aside says she wants him to invite Radha here and she will take holy dip in Radha’s presence. Krishna agrees. Balram asks Krishna if he was waiting for Rukmini to invite Radha. Krishna says fate has invited Radha here.

Precap: Krishna invites Radha to Dwarka. Balram asks Krishna why did he invite Radha even after knowing Rukmini’s intentions. Krishna says Rukmini will open new chapter of Radha Krishna’s love.

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