Radhakrishn 4th September 2019 Written Update

Radhakrishn 4th September 2019 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 4th September 2019 Written Episode

Radha offers butter to Ganeshji’s idol and requests to accept it. She is amazed to see real Bal Ganeshji having butter from her hand. All others present are also amazed to see butter disappearing. Radha reminisces Krishna promising that Ganeshji will have butter from her hand while Krishna thinks true devotion makes even god come on earth. Ugrapath says its a miracle and chants Sri Ganesh Ki Jai. Krishna says true devotion can do anything. Radha thinks she knows it is Krishna’s leela/magic and it is pleasant. After sometime, Krishna meets Ganeshji in jungle and asks if he is satisfied now. Ganeshji says his tummy is full and he will not have food for a few days to keep butter taste on his tongue. Krishna says as he wishes and asks him to leave now as sister Gowri will be waiting

for him. Ganeshji says Bhadra paksh maas’ shukla paksha is coming and it is Radha’s birthday, he wants to know what surprise he has kept for Radha. Krishna says a gift which Radha loves, ananthraas/dance which everyone will remember for ananthkaal/ages. Ganeshji says he will enjoy watching ananthraas and leaves.
Jatila scolds Ayan that because of his foolishness, they missed a chance of exposing Radha and Krishna’s affair. Ayan says she doesn’t know what he experienced, anyways Radha’s birthday is coming and Krishna will do something unique and lavish. Jatila says Krishna will do mistake and they will wait for it, they will let Krishna and Radha come closer so that they can be separated forever.

Krishna is busy in his chores while Balram insists to reveal his plan. Krishna jokes and asks to just wait and watch. He walks to Vrisbhan and Kirtida and taunts them that they forgot Radha completely and didn’t even meet her once. Vrishbhan says they love their daughter and wants to do something for her. Krishna says Radha’s birthday is coming and they should celebrate it. Kirtida says it is a good idea and thanks him for his plan. Balram asks if this was his plan to get near to Radha again. Krishna loudly says Balram will not follow him wherever he goes. Yashoda asks Balram not to accompany Krishna.

Radha tells Shuka that she is sure Krishna will meet her and describe rest of story to her. Vrishbhan with Kirtida reach Ugrapath’s house. Radha happily hugs and takes their blessings. Ugrapath asks them reason for coming. Vrishbhan says he could not perform Radha’s paghphera rituals and could not meet her properly after marriage, so he has decided to celebrate Radha’s birthday lavishly at his house. Ugrapath says he can celebrate here and he doesn’t want to send Radha. Jatila says he can take Radha with her and even Ayan along and celebrate Radha’s birthday lavishly. Radha thinks it is Krishna’s plan to meet her again. Ayan thinks he will wait for Krishna to do a mistake and separate him from Radha forever. Krishna gets concerned hearing that.

Precap: Kans prays Kaldev to suck his kaal to end his enemy.

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