Radhakrishn 5th August 2019 Written Update

Radhakrishn 5th August 2019 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 5th August 2019 Written Episode

Krishna sees Radha coming and acts as reading holy books. Radha walks to him and asks him to go home as it a dangerous place and wild animals can barge in. Krishna asks her to stop acting as worried for him and asks to return home. She says she is guardian of this library and cannot let him stay here. He says Achyuta gave her guardianship and he will not go from here until Achyuta herself says. Radha walks towards home. Krishna disguises himself as Achyuta hurriedly and returns home before Radha. Radha walks to Achyuta and says Krishna is not going from library even after warning him about wild animals. Achyuta says let him face consequences. Radha requests her to go and send Krishna home. Achyuta leaves and runs from there. Jatila watching that with Ayan asks him to inform Kans that Achyuta

has gone to meet Krishna, he can send his asur and kill Achyuta.
Ayan informs Kans who calls firing spitting asur Jwalantak and orders to go and kill Achyuta and Krishna. Asur reaches library and sees only Achyuta there. He attacks Achyuta, but nothing happens to her, thinks even god cannot bear his fire, how is this woman bearing it. Achyuta says when he created fire, how can fire burn him. Asur realizes that Achyuta is Narayan. Achyuta shows her Narayan form. Asur says Kans’ end is nearing, so he is daring to confront Narayan. Narayan gives him mukti by touching water and water covers him. Narayan says now Radha will accept her love for him.

Radha does not get sleep worried for Krishna and thinks if Achyuta send Krishna home or not. Next morning, villagers see asur on river shore and unconscious Achyuta nearby. Achyuta wakes up and asks what happened, last night she saw this asur and killed him, a big snake taking Krishna away. Villagers rush to Ugrapath’s house and informs Radha that Achyuta killed asur and a big snake took away Krishna last night. Ugrapath walks away with them. Radha starts crying worried for Krishna. Jatila and Ayan rejoice thinking Krishna is dead. They see a big hole on ground and think they had not made such a big hole, only Narayan can make it. Krishna thinks he made it.

Radha rushes to jungle and cries sitting near hole. She accepts her love for Krishn and says Krishn was right she loves him, but he is not around to hear that. Krishna walks to her saying he is here. Radha sees Achyuta in Krishna and thinks what is she seeing. Krishna walks to her and says he was always with her and he knows she loves him and their love is immortal.

Precap: Radha’s tears fall into a lake, Krishna says this place will be called prem sarovar.

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