Radhakrishn 5th February 2020 Written Update

Radhakrishn 5th February 2020 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 5th February 2020 Written Episode

Balram asks Krishna that he told he will not call Radha here. Krishna says it is his wife’s wish and he cannot deny it. Balram thinks Krishna must be calling Radha here with a strong reason. Rukmini still in dilemma thinks Krishna loves only her, so he married her; she wants Radha to come here and see how much Krishna is happy with her. Krishna writes a letter for Radha thinking though his bansuri is broken, its music is still playing in his ears.

Revathi tells Balram that Rukmini herself called Radha here and she is worried. Balram says she shouldn’t. Revathi informs that Kutila has brainwashed Rukmini against Radha, so Rukmini called Radha here, she is worried that Rukmini may insult Radha. Balram goes to Krishna and asks him to not invite Radha here as Rukmini has a hidden plan. Krishna says he already sent a message to Radha and he knows about Rukmini’s intention.

Radha attends sabha where Ugrapath brings 2 men and informs that one is alleging that the other stole his family jewelry. Radha asks to bring painting material. Ayan tells Kutila that Radha is a fool and doesn’t know to do justice. Kutila asks who is the culprit. Ayan says one with red turban as he looks nervous. Red turban man paints jewelry while other man doesn’t. Radha says red turban man is telling truth as he knew his family jewelry and drew it and the other man is thief. Thief apologizes Radha and pleads to forgive him. Radha announces that he will work in victim’s fields for 1 year. Everyone chant Radha Rani ki jai while Kutila and Ayan fume in jealous. Radha gets Krishna’s letter inviting her to Dwarka. Kutila taunts that Krishna is already married and its wastge if she goes. Radha says she will accept her friend’s invitation at any cost. At home, Ayan warns Radha that she cannot leave her husband alone and go, who will take care of house and Barsana in her absence. Radha says Ugrapath will be interim mukhiya in her absence and he should not fall for emotional drama by anyone and make them mukhiya and should protect the designation until she returns. Ugrapath asks her to think again. She says she has.

In Dwarka, Rukmini serves food to Krishna and says it came from Vidharbha’s kitchen and he should taste and comment. Krishna tastes each dish. Rukmini insists to taste kheer and comment. Krishna says a;ll dishes are good except kheer. Rukmini reminisces Radha’s words and says she will ask cook to not add much jaggery and elaichi in kheer. Krishna thinks Radha’s kheer is tasty because of her love for him. Messenger informs Krishna that Radha accepted his invitation and is coming to Dwarka soon.

Precap: Rukmini tells Krishna that Radha treated her royally when she went to her place, now she will treat Radha similarly. Radha takes oath that she will lead a simple life like she does in Barsana even in Dwarka

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