Radhakrishn 5th March 2021 Written Update

Radhakrishn 5th March 2021 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 5th March 2021 Written Episode

Shani dev tells Yamuna that he will put his angry vision/vakradrishti on Krishnas for ignoring him and Yamuna. Yamuna says Krishna is not at fault and reminiscing Radha telling her that Krishna always remembers her requests not to that. Shani says she is innocent and forgot that she had to stay away from Krishna for years and he had to meditate in Nandanvan’s caves for years. Yamuna says Krishna had already informed her before marriage that he cannot be with her, Krishna loves her and even him. He says he will not fall in her talks and will punish Krishna for sure. Yamuna says he shouldn’t as it will pain Krishna. He says punishment is given to give pain, he will separate Radha from Krishna and let Krishna feels Yamuna’s pain. Yamuna says though he is a karma phal daata, he shouldn’t do that. Shani says one will be punished according to their deeds and he will punish Krishna for sure.

Devi Parvati asks Mahadev where is the place where Shani cannot find him. He says there is a place where it will be difficult for Shani to find him, Prithvi lok. She asks if he Sani cannot find him in Prithvi lok. Mahadev says it would be difficult for Shani dev if he stays there as a common human after transferring all his powers to her. She asks what if he finds a problem where he has to use his powers, what will he do then. He says he will remember his aradhya then. She says she will come there to give his powers whenever he faces trouble. She asks not to come there as Shani will find him out. He reaches Prithvi lok as a sadhu and thinks Shani cannot find him there. Krishna walks to him and asks if he really is unidentifiable and requests him not to do this and let Shani punish him as it would be good for them all. Mahadev says he cannot do that and will not listen to him. Krishna says he cannot see his aradhya being weak on Prithvi lok. Mahadev gets adamant. Krishna says he behaves like an adamant innocent kid, so people call him Bhole. Mahadev asks him to go and handle his kingdom while he finishes his task. Krishna smiles.

Sam reaches river bank searching Shani dev and not finding him calls devi Yamuna and requests her to tell where her brother Shanidev is. She says she call tell him as he lives alone in meditation. He insists. She says if he prays Shani’s aradhya Mahadev, he may find Shani’s location. Sam get happy hearing that.

Balram walks to Krishna and asks where had he gone. Krishna says he had gone to meet Mahadev as he is in Kashi now. He requests Balram to inform Shani about Mahadev’s location. Balram asks when Mahadev is protecting him, why he wants to do that. Krishna says if they don’t do that, Mahadev will be in exile for ages, his punishment will be delayed because of this and since punishment needs to be borne at any cost, it is better he faces it sooner than later. Radha meets Krishna next and informs that she prayed Mahadev to protect Krishna. Krishna realizes the reason behind Mahadev’s exile and tells her that he has to bear Shani’s punishment and has to separate from her. Radha gets angry hearing that, but Krishna says he has to bear punishment as per his karma and only then he can reunite with her again. He convinces her and leaves.

Shani dev reaches Kailash and senses Mahadev’s powers there. Devi Parvati meets him and informs that Mahadev has sacrificed his powers for Krishna. Shani asks why did he do that. Mahadev walks on Kashi streets when he hides seeing Balram there. Balram orders soldiers to find an aghori sadhu. He then sees Kashi king going on hunting with his son and telling him that he cannot become a king until he hunts an animal. He says he will hung a tiger for sure. He mingles among people to stop Balram from finding him. Shani tells Devi Parvati that Mahadev did wrong and now he has to find Mahadev at any cost. Devi Parvati asks to stop his personal vengeance against Krishna.

Precap: Radha asks Krishna if he is ready for their separation. Krishna says maybe he can stop it by asking the reason from Shani dev. He meets Shani and asks why he wants to put vakradristi on him. Shani says he made him wait for ages and hence will have to bear punishment for that.

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