Radhakrishn 5th September 2019 Written Update

Radhakrishn 5th September 2019 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 5th September 2019 Written Episode

A lady wearing pallu enters Barsana. Vrishbhan asks who is she. She says her name is Chitra and she was traveling on a holy pilgrimage to Jagannath mandir, she got tired walking and wants to rest for sometime in this village if they permit. Ayan says he is seeing a woman for the first time without any jewelry. Chitra says she did a big sin in her village, so she is going on pilgrimage as repentance and as a precaution to protect herself she is not wearing any jewelry. Vrishbhan says she is right. Chitra says she doesn’t want to show her face to anyone before finishing her pilgrimage. Ayan thinks Krishna tries to meet Radha always disguised. Radha also thinks Krishna came disguised. Kirtida says she can rest in his house till she wants, and Radha takes Chitra to her room. Ayan fumes

in anger. Vrishbhan asks him to rest outside while he meets him after sometime. Radha takes Chitra to her room and thinking her as Krishna insists him to continue his story. Chitra tries to explain, but on Radha’s insistence starts king and queen’s story. Radha asks to stop his drama. Chitra walks near her. Radha scolds that Krishna broke promise and didn’t maintain 7 step distance. Chitra removes her veil and reveals she is Krishna’s friend Chitra and came here on Krishna’s order. Radha asks where is Krishna and what is his plan. Chitra says only Krishna knows about his unique plans.
Krishna enters disguised as Govind holding a trunk. He walks into Barsana and cleaning a place keeps his trunk on it. Vrishbhan asks who is he. Govind greets him Rajasthani style and says he is Govind, a silk businessman, his silk is worn by gods, so he cleans the place before keeping his trunk. He praises his silk and degrades silk sold in Barsana. Vrishbhan asks how can they help him. Govind says since Vrishbhan is mukhiya, he needs his permission to sell his silk here. Radha asks if his silk is so unique. Govind says she can test herself. Radha asks Vrishbhan to check. Vrishbhan walks towards trunk. Krishna stops him and asks if his hands are clean. Vrishbhan says he jokes well and shows his hands. Krishna lets him test silk. Vrishbhan does and says it is really very soft. Radha says he can sell it during her birthday celebrations instead of selling it in market and display his art on his silk. Vrishbhan asks silk price. Govinda says he cannot buy such a precious cloth and reveals hefty price. Kirtida says Vrishbhan should sell their whole property to fulfill their daughter’s wish. Vrishbhan agrees and says he can do anything for his daughter’s happiness.

Ayan follows Chitra to jungle and she disappears living him in the middle of jungle. He thinks what is happening, this is definitely Krishna’s plan and in which part of jungle is stuck.

Govind walks into Radha’s room. Radha walks towards him. He reminds her to maintain 7 step distance. Radha insists to continue his story. Govind continues that Narayan and Lakshmi after saving the world from Madhu Ketup, then their separation was on the way. Lakshmi tells Narayan she couldn’t live away from him even for a short time. Narayan says she should learn to concentrate staying away from him. She asks if there is something unusual coming. Narayan sasy they have to separate again for sometime.

Precap: Narayan separates from Lakshmi saying they will meet again soon. He orders to gods to gather for samudra manthan. Radha asks Krishna to show what he made for her. Ayan walks towards Radha’s room.

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