Radhakrishn 6th August 2019 Written Update

Radhakrishn 6th August 2019 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 6th August 2019 Written Episode

Krishna says today a big chapter is completed, Radha accepted her love for Krishna. He drops Radha’s tears of love in huge pit and then drops his tears of joy and says this place will be very important in the history of love and will be very important. Villager informs Ugrapath that Achyuta wants to meet only Radha. Radha says only Achyuta can inform truth and asks Ugrapath to accompany her. They both walk into Achyuta’s hut, and Ugrapath confronts her how can she risk her life by fighting with asur and huge snake. Achyuta says her end has arrived. Ugrapath asks not to say that. Achyuta asks him to go out and let her speak to Radha for a minute. Once he leaves, Achyuta says she wanted to ask about Krishna and gives Radha’s last dose of medicine. Radha says if she consumes this,

Achyuta will leave them forever, so she will not consume it. Achyuta insists, and Radha consumes it. Achyuta says at last she accepted that she loves her. Radha asks why she is speaking in Krishna’s voice. Achyuta asks to look at her carefully, and Radha sees Krishna in Achyuta and thinks what is she seeing. Achyuta’s soul gets into a stone. Radha calls everyone and informs Achyuta’s soul got immersed in this stone. Jatila says how can this happen. Ugrapath picks stone and says Achyuta was a pious soul and he will build a temple in her name. He walks away chanting Achyuta ji ki jai.
Radha hears Krishna’s bansuri and runs into jungle. She sees Krishna laying bansuri sitting near a lake. Krishna stops seeing her. She asks if he is fine. He says he is very much fine and how can he go leaving her alone. Radha asks this lake was not here before, how did it come overnight. Krishna says this is made of her tears which she shed accepting her love for him. She asks what is he telling. He says truth. She asks how does he know she shed tears for him. He ask who else can know than him, he has named this place and since Radha’s love for Krishna redeveloped here, he named this place as Prem Sarovar and this place will relive Radha and Krishna’s love forever. Radha pleads Krishna to stop as he always came in one or other form in her life, she has seen Achyuta in him and she is confused, she does not know why he is interfering in her life. Krishna says if she wishes so, then he will go away from her.

Mahadev with Gauri maa hears Krishna’s promise. Krishna tells Radha that before that as promised he will explain her deep information of all the scriptures, after that he will never disturb her until she calls him and it is his promise. Mahadev tells Gauri maa that Krishna made a big promise and if he has made, then he will go away from Radha for sure; looks like his respectable Krishna’s intention is something else and they will see Krishna’s new form.

Jatila with Ayan meets Kans and says Kans’ asur did his job and killed Achyuta. Kans says his asur did not kill Achyuta and it is someone else and he needs to find out hidden secret behind it.

Balram walks to Krishna and seeing Prem Sarovar praises him. He says Achyuta’s chapter ended and even Radha accepted that she loves only him, what next. Krishna says Radha still has to accept her love completely. Balram asks what he means. Krishna says Radha’s final journey is still not yet over and once she accepts love completely, she will not be Radha but complete love who will think of only Krishna and this will be Radha’s end of journey where Radha will become Krishna. On the other side, Ugrapath establishes temple of Achyuta’s stone and prays it with Radha, Krishna, and others.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that in relationships, there is no calculation, else it will be difficult, one cannot increase love and decrease sorrows or vice versa; a few wrong words will spoil whole relationship; so one shouldn’t get calculation in relationships and there is no problem in the world which does not have solution and they should find solution with patience.

Precap: Krishna asks Radha if she wants to know about Radha and Krishna’s love, she needs to look into Prem Sarovar. Radha sees Krishna in her image and thinks she needs to know who Krishna is.

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