Radhakrishn 6th February 2020 Written Update

Radhakrishn 6th February 2020 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 6th February 2020 Written Episode

Kutila and Ayan allege Radha that she wants to enjoy royal treatment by accepting Dwarkadish Krishna’s invitation to visit Dwarka. Radha promises Ugrasen that she will lead a simple life in Dwarka like she does here. Ugrasen wishes her safe journey. Krishna joyfully thinks his Radha is coming. In Dwarka, Rukmini excitedly asks maids to decorate a room for Radha and fix swinger in it as Radha loves to swing on swinger. Krishna tells her that Radha may like something else as for her only love matters and not worldly pleasures, etc.

Radha travels in cart towards Dwarka. Driver stops cart near Dwarka door and asks her to come out and see an amazing view. Radha sees mesmerizing Dwarka and asks driver to take her in soon. Krishna calls Balram and showing him a room near kitchen, which is in front of Krishna’s room, asks him to give this room to Radha. Rukmini takes Radha to her decorated room and says she can stay here. Radha says she has promised her citizens that she will not accept royal treatment and will lead a normal life like she does in Barsana, so she cannot accept this room. Balram says Krishna has decorated a room for her in front of his room and takes her along. Rukmini fumes thinking Krishna knew that Radha sacrificed worldly pleasures, so he already arranged a room for Radha without informing Rukmini.

Radha walks into her kitchen and gets emotional seeing its being replica of her house and thinks Krishna decorated it like her house. She tells maids that she is one among them and will stay with them. They get impressed with her simplicity. Revathi shows Radha her room where Krishna is sitting on a swinger. She tells him that he created a world better than her dream and promises that she will be Krishna’s daasi/servant till Rukmini realizes true for Krishna like Radha, etc.

After sometime, Radha cuts vegetables in kitchen. Rukmini asks why is she cutting vegetables. Radha says she will lead a simple life like servants in kitchen. Rukmini sends servants away and asks Radha if she will not ask why she called her here. Radha says she cannot deny her best friend Krishna’s invitation and asks why did she call. Rukmini says she and Krishna will take holy dip in Siddhashram in Radha’s presence and then she will reveal what is in her mind. Radha hopes their relationship should be of friends forever. Rukmini walks away nervous thinking after whatever she tells Radha today, their relationship wouldn’t be same.

Precap: Rukmini asks Radha if she will tell truth for her question. Radha says she never lies. Rukmini asks why didn’t she inform that she loves Krishna.

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