Radhakrishn 6th September 2019 Written Update

Radhakrishn 6th September 2019 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 6th September 2019 Written Episode

Narayan tells Lakshmi that their moment of separation has come again. Lakshmi asks so soon? Narayan says the more early they separate, they more early they will reunite; she will be lost deep in ocean and soon he will find her out, whole universe will help him in this task. Lakshmi disappears saying she will wait for him. Krishna/Govind gets emotional describing this story. Radha asks how did this happen. Krishna says because of Devraj Indra as he got a curse from rishi Durvasa to lose Sri, hence the universe lost sri/Lakshmi. He continues that whole world started to get into deep darkness, gods lost their wealth. Brahmaji asks Narayan what will happen next. Narayan says now devs and asurs come together and perform samudra manthan. Krishna continues his story when he sees Ayan with Chitra

coming and changes his tone describing qualities of silk. Radha asks what is he saying. Ayan with Chitra walks in and asks Krishna what is he saying. Krishna says he was teaching Radha how to trade in silk and he can teach even him. Ayan says he is a warrior and doesn’t have to do silk business. Govind asks how many wars he has attended. Ayan boasts by god’s grace he didn’t have to face such a situation yet. Govind laughs that he calls himself a warrior without even fighting a single battle. Ayan gets angry. Govind walks away laughing.
Radha asks Ayan why did he bring Chitra. Ayan says Chitra did a lot for Radha, so he brought a veil to gift her and they both will gift it to her. Radha says they will turn their face around so that Chitra’s oath doesn’t break. They both turn while Chitra wears veil hurriedly. Ayan turns and tries to see her face thinking she is Krishna in disguise. Radha says he did wrong. Ayan says he thought she already changed veil.

Kans performs Kaal dev’s pooja and demands him to emerge. Kaal dev emerges and asks why he invited him. Kans says he needs Kaal chakra. Kaal dev gives him kaal device and asks to establish chakra himself.

Balram brings silk and alleges Govind in front of everyone that he is lying that his silk is most superior while he got it from Kurukshetra’s market. Vrishbhan checks and says it is same silk and asks Govinda to reply. Ayan warns to tell truth, else he will be punished. Krishna/Govind via telepathy pleads Dau to stop his jokes, else he will be in trouble. Dau asks if only he can joke and asks to apologize him and Krishna does. Govind calls him and says he is more than a brother to him and asks from where did he get his silk. Dau says from a biggest shop in kurukshetra market. Govind says it is his shop. Dau excitedly asks if it is his shop, he is so great.

Kans via kaal device creates kaal van/jungle and showing it to Jatila and Ayan says it is a gift from Ayan to Radha. Jatila asks what will happen with this. Kans says it is a kaal van and Radha won’t be able to come out of it alive.

Precap: Radha asks Krishna to continue his story. Krishna describew how he gathers asurs and devs to perform samudra manthan and get back Lakshmi.

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