Radhakrishn 7th August 2019 Written Update

Radhakrishn 7th August 2019 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 7th August 2019 Written Episode

Balram asks Krishna will he help Radha reach her final destiny. Krishna says Radha has to reach her final destiny herself. Balram if she is able to do that. Radha reaches Krishna and sees him glowing in divinity, asks what kind of divine glow is it. Krishna says it is glow of love and she can see it as she is watching it with love. He says he will fulfill his promise by explaining deep meaning of these scriptures as he understands love and only he can do this. He holds her hand and she glows with divinity. Radha emotionally looks at Krishna and finds himself sitting on a swinger with Krishna in universe. Krishna asks if she can see this universe, knowledge is the root of it and scriptures are made out of knowledge, but whole universe’s knowledge can be described in 2.5 words which is love,

whoever can understand love is scholar. Krishna says this universe’s source is knowledge and love is source of knowledge and they both got his pious love, hence whole universe will remember Radha and Krishna’s love forever; whenever she wants to experience love, she should look at prem sarovar. He gets her back on earth. Radha asks if he showed her a beautiful dream. Krishna says she saw what is hidden inside her. Radha says this was dream and she cannot dream being awake, so it is definitely Krishna’s magic. Krishna says she can thinking whatever she wants, from here on he will not trouble her and interfere in her life, she can become whatever she wants to and he will accept it. He walks away while she thinks she needs to know who is Krishna to know who she herself is, how to know who is Krishna.
Kans takes his senapati to deep asur cave. Senapati asks why did he bring him here. Kans says he has to relive asur’s biggest weapon and for that he wants to meet asur’s guru Shukracharya. He invites Shukracharya and greets him.

Krishna gets ready happily looking in mirror. Balram asks if he is not sad being away from Radha. Krishna says he told he will not interfere in Radha’s life and trouble her, but she can enter his life and know about him. Balram asks why will Radha that, it is like inviting trouble himself, Radha will never do that. Krishna says Radha cannot stay calm without knowing about Krishna. Radha looks at prem sarovar reminiscing Krishna’s words to look into it if she wants to know about Radha and Krishna. She sees Krishna in her image and thinks why she is seeing Krishna in her, she needs to know. Krishna tells Balram that Radha will see Krishna’s travel which nobody saw till now. Radha thinks Krishna is special, but how to know about him more. Radha sees mustard seeds and sows them in ground. Balram challenges Krishna that Radha will never come to him and bets 10 coins. Krishna shows Radha coming and asks him to give 10 coins then as Radha is coming to know about her Krishna.

Guru Shukracharya angrily asks Kans why did he call him. Kans says he wants Shukracharya to help him kill Krishna who is troubling him a lot. Guru Shukracharya with his knowledge checks and says Krishna is Naray…. Mahadev emerges there.

Precap: Radha asks Yashoda what are her life’s best memories. Yashoda sasys when her kanha was 9 months old she saw universe in his mouth.

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