Radhakrishn 7th February 2020 Written Update

Radhakrishn 7th February 2020 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 7th February 2020 Written Episode

Krishna, Balram, Rukmini, Revathi, with others stand near pond for holy dip. Rukmini thinks why Radha didn’t come yet. Ugrasen announces that as per Dwarkadhish Krishna’s order, newly wed krishna/Rukmini and Balram/Revathi with take a holy dip and pray. Balram and Krishna take holy dip first. Balram tells Krishna that he fulfills everyone’s wish and should fulfill even his wish. Krishna says yes and asks him to wish something for Revathi. Balram says he wants Radha’s wish to fulfill and Revathi doesn’t mind about it. Krishna wishes Rukmini’s wish be fulfilled. Revathi performs holy dip next. Devaki asks Rukmini to take a holy dip. She says she is waiting for Radha. Radha walks in and apologizes for coming late as she was busy in some chores. Rukmini desires to take holy dip with Radha. Radha agrees and performs holy dip with her.

After holy dip, Rukmini takes Radha to Shiv temple and asks how can not drown in water and Krishna loves her more than his wife. Radha says to understand Krishna more Rukmini needs to become Krishna’s friend first, she is Krishna’s best friend and hence understands him better. Rukmini says nobody can understand and love deeply a man than his wife and challenges Radha to prove her wrong. Radha accepts her challenge. Rukmini prays Mahadev that Krishna himself should send Radha from here. Radha prays to fulfill Rukmini’s wish. Rukmini asks why did she pray for her while she is against her. Radha says soon she will realize that they both are one.

Krishna tells Balram that Radha, Rukmini, Krishna, and Balram’s wishes are same and he is in a dilemma. Balram asks what does he mean. Krishna explains that Balram wishes Radha’s wish be fulfilled, Radha wished Rukmini’s wish be fulfilled, and even he wished Rukmini’s wish be fulfilled and Rukmini’s wish is Krishna himself should send Radha from here. Balram asks why did Rukmini wish this. Krishna says let us see what will happen.’

Radha prepares butter. Krishna walks to her and says he came here smelling. Radha makes her taste butter. He says Barsana’s taste came to Dwarka, asks her what did she wish after holy dip. She says whatever Krishna wished. He asks what should he do now. She asks him to follow a husband’s duty towards Rukmini. Krishna takes Rukmini to her room. She gets happy seeing his love towards her. He asks how should he behave with her and Radha. She says he should behave like a friend with Radha and a wife with Rukmini and should love only his wife.

Rukmini walks into kitchen and asks Radha what is she preparing. Radha says kheer. Rukmini says she promised Krishna that she will prepare kheer for him and Radha would mind if she prepares kheer. Radha says not at all and she can seek help if she needs. Rukmini starts preparing kheer reminiscing Krishna’s words.

Krisna walks to Balram and asks what is he doing outside instead of being with Revathi. Balram asks what is happening, why is Rukmini doing this. Krishna says he wants to teach the world via Rukmini that a wife first has to become husband’s friend first to develop a deep bonding.

Precap: Krishna praises Rukmini’s kheer. Radha also does same.
Rukmini asks how can she praise without tasting it. Radha says Krishna himself fed kheer to her.

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