Radhakrishn 7th September 2019 Written Update

Radhakrishn 7th September 2019 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 7th September 2019 Written Episode

Balram asks Krishna what did he learn from today’s incident. Krishna says that he shouldn’t hide anything from him. Balram says he is right. Krishna says he needs one more help from him. Balram says he knew and asks how to help him. Krishna says there is a girl Chitra with him he wants Balram to mingle, chat, joke, etc. Balram gets angry and asks how can he. Krishna emotionally says its okay if he doesn’t want to help. Balram says he always traps him with is emotional drama and agrees to help him. Krishna says Balram can go to meet Chitra while he goes to meet Radha. Krishna reaches Radha’s house and gets busy making a painting for her. Radha walks to him excitedly thinking what he must have made for her. Krishna stops her and asks to wait till her birthday. She

insists and walks in, but sees nothing special there, so asks if he hid his gift via magic. Krishna says she has to wait till tomorrow and she will not question more once she knows him completely.
Ayan walks towards their tent thinking if Kans’ plan fails even this time, he will harm them, he does not care about him but is worried for his mother’s life, so he has to send Radha to jungle. He is about to enter tent when sees Chitra walking and follows her thinking where is Krishna going. Radha asks Krishna that it is late night and nobody is around, so he can continue his story without a delay. Krishna starts story that devi Lakshmi was lost deep in ocean/sheer sagar; so Nayaran decided to perform samudra manthan and invited devtas and asurs for that; devtas were headed by Indra and asurs were headed by guru Shukracharya. Radha asks how will they perform samudra manthan. Narayan says by churning ocean, they need to pull out Devi Lakshmi hidden in sheer sagar. Shukracharya asks how will they perform samudra manthan without any means. Narayan emerges Mandar mountain from sea and says they will use this mountain. Shukracharya asks what will they use to churn this big mountain. Narayan says his respectful Mahadev will help them. Mahadev emerges and gives them Vasuki snake to use as rope to churn mountain. Radha asks when devtas and asursa can’t withstand each other, then how did they agree to work together. Krishna says via his magic/leela and describes how Vasuki’s breath is very poisonous and weak devtas would get more weak with it, so he tricked asurs by saying vasuki’s head is the strongest part and tail is weakest, which part they would like to hold. Asurs say head. Radha asks what happened next. Krishna says she should and rest now and let him finish the gift which he father spent his fortune for. Radha walks away murmuring that he always tricks her.

Ayan sees Balram with Chitra chatting with her and thinks what is happening. Chitra thanks Balram for gifting a bangle and says he speaks well like Krishna. Radha passes by and seeing them excitedly asks Balram what is he doing with Chitra. Chitra says Balram gifted her bangle. Radha congratulates Balram. Balram stands nervously. Ayan barges in and asks how can Balram gift bangle to Chitra. Chitra scolds him to shut his mouth as he didn’t gift anything to his wife on her birthday. Ayan challenges that he will give a special gift for Radha tomorrow. Kans thinks Ayan’s special gift will be Kaalvan.

Precap: Krishna tells after sumdra manthan, Radha says lakshmi came out. Krishna says they will perform ananth raas/dance on her birthday.

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