Radhakrishn 8th February 2020 Written Update

Radhakrishn 8th February 2020 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 8th February 2020 Written Episode

Ugrasen organizes Krishna and Rukmini’s post-wedding feast and asks everyone to take their seat near dining table. Revathi sees Balram sitting far away and gets angry. Krishna sensing her anger says he cannot teach Balram post-marriage and its her duty now. Balram asks Krishna about Radha and goes to bring her. He walks into kitchen and asks Radha to accompany him for feast. Radha says she is Krishna dasi/servant and will have food with servants. Balram praising her walks away. Radha joins Krishna and sits next to him. Balram goes and sits next to Revathi and asks why didn’t she tell that she wants to sit next to him. She says its understandable. Rukmini serves dishes to Krishna and insists him to have kheer more as she prepared it according to his taste. Krishna tastes kheer and says its very tasty. Balram praises her kheer.

Krishna takes his plate to Radha and asks her to taste it. Radha says if it is his tasted food, it is bhog and not bhojan and she cannot reject it. She tastes each dish and says Rukmini has prepared kheer well. Krishna says Rukmini is trying hard as a wife. Radha says she is happy seeing that.

Revathi informs Rukmini that everyone are praising her kheer including Radha. Rukmini asks how can Radha praise her kheer when she didn’t attend feast at all. Revathi says she doesn’t know. Rukmini meets Radha and says Radha took years to prepare kheer according to Krishna’s taste, but she prepared it in 1 session, she just wants to know how she tasted kheer without attending feast. Radha says Krishna himself came to feed her and says Rukmini is trying to be a wife, but she is Krishna’s friend and its like free flowing water which cannot be stopped and makes its way somehow. Rukmini stands jealous.

Citizens chant Dwarkadhish Sri Krishna Ki Jai. Krishna asks why citizens are remembering him. Revathi’s father says all citizens want to thank him for letting them live a prosperous life; he has arranged pooja and fasting on wagh poornima. Krishna says its good. Ugrasen says they all want to fast with all citizens during wagh poornima. Krishna says whole royal family will fast with them and will take devi’s blessings. Citizens thank him and request to watch moon tonight with them. Krishna agrees. Balram asks why royal family should fast with citizens. Krishna says all are equal in Dwarka. Balram says he needs special dishes after he breaks fast. Guards informs Radha that whole royal family will fast today with citizens. Radha says Balram needs special dishes after fast.

Krishna asks Rukmini to arrange special dishes for Balram. She says she will get fruits for him and walks into kitchen. Rukmini walks to Radha and says whole royal family is keeping fast, but Radha shouldn’t. Radha says she will, though she is not from Dwarka; while everyone will fast for god, she will fast for Krishna. Rukmini says she will prepare special dishes tomorrow. Radha asks if she came to take fruit for Krishana. Rukmini asks how does she know. Radha says they both think of serving Krishna, so Rukmini’s thought came into her mind. Rukmini stands more jealous.

Precap: Balram gives food to Radha saying though Rukmini brought it, Krishna sent it. Radha drinks hot drink excitedly while Balram warns her to be careful.

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