Radhakrishn 9th September 2019 Written Update

Radhakrishn 9th September 2019 Written Update by MA

Radhakrishn 9th September 2019 Written Episode

Ayan challenges Balram and Chitra that he will get a special gift for Radha on her birthday. Balram comments what will this broke gift. Radha says she is eagerly waiting for Krsihna’s gift. Chitra flirts with Balram, and he runs away from there to Krishna and seeing Krishna’s painting for Radha says it is very mesmerizing. Krishna says he has some other special gift for Radha. After sometime, everyone wait to celebrate Radha’s birthday. Radha walks down. Ayan says he got a special reward while he was studying in Gurukul/school and he will gift same to Radha as her birthday gift. Balram asks Govind/Krishna what is Ayan gifting Radha. Govind smirks and asks to just wait and watch. He taunts Ayan if his gift is so small that he cannot show. Ayan yells to stop his jokes and

requests Vrisbhan to permit him to take Radha with him. Vrishbhan permits.
Balram asks Krishna where is Ayan taking Radha. Govind says to Kaal Van treated by Kaal dev.
Ayan takes Radha to Kaal van. Radha asks why didn’t he inform that he got such a big van/jungle. Ayan says he is not trickster Krishna to boast about himself and asks her to enter van. Radha asks to accompany her, but he says he will watch from there itself. Radha walks in and thinks Krishna would come there. Kaal dev throws fire on Radha, but it turns into cool breeze and flowers and then bonfire. Radha thinks Krishna is doing all this for her comfort, but himself did not arrive yet to continue his story. Kaal dev thinks who is this girl who is not affect by his attack. Balram asks Krishna to go and protect Radha. Krishna says Radha herself is shakti/power and devi of love, Kaal dev will himself apologize Radha. Kans happily waits thinking Radha will die with Kaaldev’s attack. Kaaldev asks Kans who is this girl on whom his attack is not working, if he is hiding some truth. Kans asks not to worry and continue attacking her.

Govind tells everyone when will Radha and Ayan return and when will he get his silk money, he will go and bring them back. Vrishbhan says even he will accompany him. Govind says he will go alone and will find way by asking people. He walks to Kaalvan as Krishna to meet Radha. Kaaldev attacks even him and is amazed to see him not affected, thinks who is this boy now who is not affected by his attack like this girl. Krishna says he himself is kaal, samay and he who created this universe and the girl herself is Radha Rani, devi of love. Kaal dev says if she is Devi Radha, then he is father of universe, god Sri Krishna. He apologizes Krishna for his mistake and disappears. Krishna then walks to Radha who asks where was he making her wait for so long and asks to continue his story.

Precap: Radha and Krishna’s soul dance together, and Krishna announces this place will be remembered for Radha and Krishna’s dance forever.

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