Rajaa Betaa 12th September 2019 Written Update

Rajaa Betaa 12th September 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Rajaa Betaa 12th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vedant telling that how can he leave the murderer alive whoever has killed Purva. He says I don’t have time and patience and says whoever has killed Purva come infront of me. DSP asks him not to do anything. Vedant asks Sanju to tell. Sanju worriedly says Papa. Vedant says first I will kill you and then myself. Ramesh says Vedant beta…Vedant says where did gudadi lal go today, that is my identity. DSP asks him not to take law in his hand. Ramesh tells Dadi that they made this snake have milk till now, who is aiming gun at us. Vedant asks them to tell fast who has killed her, else Raja beta’s bullet will pay the debts now. Rahul asks them to send Vedant to mental asylum. Vedant says I will count till 10 and says whoever is guilty of my Purva shall step forward else I will

shoot. Vedant starts the countdown. Gomti asks DSP Soham to stop him. Vedant says 1 and is about to shoot, when Dadi steps infront of them and asks him to shoot her, says she is her murderer. She asks him to give shradhanjali to Purva. Vedant says you are supporting Purva’s murder. Dadi says she can sense his pain and asks if he is sure who is the murderer and if he is sure then shoot the bullet. She says until your doubt is confirmed, leave everything on God and then trust. Vedant says if God would have been there, then my Purva would have been with me and says God betrayed me. Dadi says if there was no God, then we couldn’t have get you as a Vardaan/boon. She asks him to get up and says Purva’s last rites shall be done now.
Vedant along with the murderers of Purva lift Purva’s dead body and take to the crematorium ground. Vedant cries. All the ladies also go there. He takes the water pot and takes rounds around the pyre and drops the pot. He imagines Purva’s smiling face. He recalls Purva telling him that they will be together now. He covers cloth on her face and gives fire to her body. Everyone cries. Sad song plays…..Pankhudi recalls her words and shouts Purva di. Vedant recalls Purva making him wear medal and their moments…Soham asks Vedant to come. Vedant says I want to be here for sometime. Ramesh asks DSP, how can he leave him alone and says he aimed gun at us in the house. DSP Soham says anyone would have done the same thing what Vedant did in this situation and says he is leaving two constables here. Pankhudi cries hugging Manjula. Narendra asks Dadi to have strength and asks her to come. Dadi says I will not leave my Vedant alone in this time. Manjula says Vedant has more pain than us for losing Purva, we shall leave him alone.

Ramesh asks Rahul and Sanju to keep eye on Vedant and be there. Sanju says Papa is right, we shall be here. Vedant talks to the God and says you see everything from the sky, guilty and innocent and good and bad, asks if he was seeing tamasha when murderer killed her. He says he has only relation with Purva with all his heart and today she is also snatched from him. He says Dadi tells that you are here and tells that he don’t want to live now. Sanju and Rahul look at him. Sanju says what he is saying? Vedant picks some wood logs kept there and says I don’t want to live this suffocated life. He keeps the wood logs to burn himself. Sanju gets worried. Rahul says he is going to become sati and says for the first time he will get to see this. Sanju says this is not right, I shall inform Papa. Rahul says let him die, we don’t have to plan anything in future. Sanju looks at Vedant. Vedant burns the wood logs kept at the bottom and sits on it. The fire is about to catch him. Sanju calls Ramesh and says good news, you will be happy. He says Vedant burnt himself on the pyre. Rahul laughs. Ramesh says last thorn is also gone. Sanju says we will leave now and says constables might come here. Manjula hears him and asks what is that thorn? Ramesh says Sanju called and said that thorn pierced on Sanju’s foot and asks her to ask Sanju. Vedant cries badly. Dadi is sitting in the inhouse temple and tells that they will not light the diya for 4 days. She asks God to relieve Vedant’s pain. Manjula says don’t know how Vedant will live without Purva. Dadi says I used to say that mera vedant haina, but God snatched his only relation and asks him to protect Vedant. Vedant cries and says if our end is written in this way, then I am ending my life given by you.

Precap will be added later.

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