Rajjo 10th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 10th February 2023 Written Update by Amena

Rajjo 10th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rajjo acting dizzy. Arjun lifts her and goes back. Mannu says its good Rajjo left. Arjun makes Rajjo rest. He says tell me if you need anything, I m here. She says no, you should go downstairs, I m just a bit tired, I will be fine. He asks what will I do there. She says you should go there and pray for our relation. He says take rest, doctor said you are fine, nothing happened to you, tell me what are you hiding, I will do sit ups for you, I know I did wrong. She says no, stop it. He asks where is my fearless Rajjo. He says since you came back, you didn’t talk about Mannu, I have sent Biswa Kaka to the village, we will get a reply, I want to know what are you hiding, tell me whatever you are feeling, I won’t get upset with you. She says there is nothing, you don’t worry, I will take some rest, you go downstairs, I will be fine. She sends him and thinks of Mannu. Mannu gets ready in Sia’s room. Pushkar hits on her and laughs. He scolds her. He hides her inside a carpet and takes her. Rajjo asks where did Mannu go. She goes and looks for Mannu. He takes the carpet. He sees Arjun there. He says Mannu can get conscious. He scolds the servants and sends them. He hides Mannu inside the havan kund platform. Pratap and Jhilmil ask what is he doing. Pushkar says the servants went, they are lazy, I will do the work, go and get ready, let me earn some good deeds. They go. Pushkar says you will become a ghost now, nobody will know you are here, I will throw you in the nearby cliff. He laughs. Everyone sits for the havan. Mannu moves. Pushkar thanks Madhu for planning the havan. Chirag asks where is Rajjo.

Arjun says she is taking rest. The smoke spreads. Everyone coughs. Mannu gets conscious and struggles. Rajjo says where is mum, we can’t do anything. She gets Mannu’s dress. She asks did anything happen to her, no, did anyone catch her. Rajjo wears the dress and goes to scare Pushkar. He thinks its impossible, how can she come here, I have put her under the stage. Rajjo goes. Madhu asks what. He says nothing, I will wash my eyes and come. He goes to the terrace. He asks who are you, you can’t be Manorama, why are you doing this acting. Rajjo sees the camera. Pushkar says I had killed Manorama, you can’t come here, who are you. Rajjo laughs. He says like mum, like daughter, you think you are clever, you are foolish, I knew you are playing this game. Rajjo says you took my mum to kill. He says I had tried to kill her twice, I had done her accident, when she was in coma, she got saved that time, she doesn’t die. She asks why do you want to kill her. He says I want to get rid of her, I defamed her and ruined her career, I thought she won’t dare to come in front, but she came after 20 years with her sin, I won’t let you and Mannu ruin my life, I have kill her and you also. Rajjo is shocked.

Rajjo asks Pushkar where is her Maai. Kalindi asks how dare you do this. Rajjo says unfortunately, he is my dad. Everyone doesn’t believe Rajjo.

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