Rajjo 13th February 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 13th February 2023 Written Update by Amena

Rajjo 13th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rajjo saying whatever you did with my mum, why did you do that, you have no value for anyone’s life. Pushkar scolds her. He says Mannu also stepped towards me, she knew that I m married, she is lying, she had trapped me, she knew I have power and money, she is a big player. He insults Mannu. Rajjo slaps him. She says if you say a word against my mum, who are you to blame anyone. She scolds him. Chirag asks inspector to take Pushkar. Inspector asks whose name shall I put in FIR. Rajjo tells her name. Inspector asks her mum and dad’s name. Rajjo says I m Mannu’s daughter, leave the father’s name empty, I don’t want to link my name with Pushkar. Pushkar is taken away. Arjun goes to Rajjo. She goes. Arjun breaks things and gets angry. Rajjo also breaks things in anger. They both cry. Mannu consoles Rajjo. Arjun falls down. Chirag comes to handle Arjun. He asks Arjun to breathe. He says it’s a panic attack, think of your good moments with Rajjo, I will get medicines. He gives the medicines to Arjun. He says nothing will happen, calm down, everything is fine. Arjun gets stable. Mannu apologizes to Rajjo.

She says I had to hide this from you. Rajjo says you had tolerated this alone, he tried to kill you, I will also refuse to every relation related to him. She hugs Mannu. Mannu says Arjun and your relation will have a new start now, everything will be fine. They get an envelope there. Mannu gets shocked seeing the divorce papers. Arjun says Rajjo can never forgive me for this. Chirag says humans make mistakes, don’t curse yourself, you have true love for her, nobody can change it, she will get angry but never break your heart, go now, trust your love. Mannu says its Arjun and your divorce notice. Rajjo cries and says he didn’t trust me, he wants me to leave me. She sits crying. Mannu consoles her. Arjun says Rajjo always believed me, I didn’t believe her, I wish I had understood her. Mannu asks her not to lose hope. Rajjo asks what. Mannu says I will go to Neeltal, you stay here, can you stay without Arjun. Arjun says I can’t stay without Rajjo. Chirag says go to her and accept your mistake, apologize to her. Mannu says you both are connected by soul, you never believed his love. Rajjo says I trust him. Mannu asks how can you believe that he has sent this divorce papers to you, is your faith so weak. Arjun asks will she trust me. Chirag says yes, she loves you. Niharika says you have to try a little, Arjun, I mean she would be angry now.

Mannu asks Rajjo to think. Rajjo says I always believed Arjun, he never believed me, its love when one believes. Mannu says love is our strength and weakness also. She explains Rajjo. She says he can’t send you divorce papers. Rajjo asks why not, he did this before also. Mannu says your relation wasn’t strong before, you had also signed before. Rajjo says you mean someone else has sent this, why would anyone do this. Mannu says you also know that some family members will be happy if you leave, Jhilmil or Madhu can try this to create misunderstanding between you both.

Mannu asks Rajjo to start a new life. Rajjo goes to Arjun. She sees Arjun and Niharika sleeping in bed. Niharika says Rajjo, you, sorry, we made a big mistake, we were drunk. Arjun wakes up and sees Rajjo crying.

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