Rajjo 20th January 2023 Written Update

Rajjo 20th January 2023 Written Update by Amena

Rajjo 20th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pushkar saying Rajjo can’t break the rules, why did she run away from here, something was wrong, you also supported her, so I m removing her from the academy. Rajjo asks why are you punishing me. Arjun says I have seen it, you have a problem with Rajjo, tell me the reason. Chirag stops Niharika and says its their fight, don’t get in between. Pushkar says she has such bad qualities, she isn’t loyal. Rajjo says lie. Mannu comes and asks Rajjo not to clarify, she didn’t do anything. She scolds Pushkar. Pushkar asks her to leave him. He scolds her. They both argue. Madhu and Jhilmil come there. Madhu asks Pushkar to keep his manners. She asks how can you talk to them like this. He says I m sorry, take them home, I don’t mix personal and professional things.

Pushkar argues with them. Mannu shows the steroids bottle. Madhu asks what is Pushkar doing. Jhilmil says I don’t know. Mannu asks Pushkar to tell them and not lie. Pushkar asks the people to say what problem do they have. The people taunt Mannu and Rajjo. Rajjo says I don’t want to know why my mum left this academy, she can never do wrong, wrong might have happened with Mannu, someone like Pushkar might have ruined her career. She questions Pushkar.

He says they are framing me. Mannu says you can’t deny this person. Nurse comes and says I have done everything on Pushkar’s saying. Pushkar says she is lying. Mannu scolds him. She says Arjun organized a race competition for Rajjo, a live wire was fallen in the ground, it maybe Pushkar’s conspiracy as well. Pushkar asks what nonsense. Mannu says nurse proved you wrong. Chirag asks why would you do this, daddy. Rajjo says you would know what is he targeting me, what is his enmity with me. Madhu asks did you do this for Niharika, that Rajjo will go ahead of her, right. Pushkar says yes, this was the reason, I didn’t see a better athlete than Niharika, but Rajjo came in between, she is talented, I was tensed. Niharika says you never believed me or my talents, why did you do this. Madhu says you can’t do wrong with Rajjo, Niharika will know she is number 2. Arjun asks Pushkar to leave the academy. He threatens of exposing him in front of the federation. He says you won’t get forgiven for this. Pushkar goes. Niharika apologizes to Rajjo. Mannu thanks Arjun for saving Rajjo’s dreams. Rajjo asks Arjun not to go without answering her. Arjun dances and says I m like this, what happened, its your problem if you don’t like it. He goes.

They come home. Arjun says I came back as Rajjo needed me. Madhu says you did good. He says I came back for Rajjo and I will go away for her sake, my plan didn’t change, make gajar ka halwa for me and keep it ready, feed it to me for the last time. Madhu cries. Rajjo says you are going because of you, I don’t want your love or pity. Arjun is on call. He says book my ticket. Rajjo says we don’t want any ticket, Arjun isn’t going anywhere. She throws his money. She says just shut up now, I will say now, what’s the hurry to go, leaving all of us here. Arjun says leave me, I don’t want to explain, behave yourself. She asks why are you ending everything, its about our relation, tell me, why are you troubling me.

Mannu asks Rajjo to come with her. Rajjo confronts Arjun and his love. She asks what do you feel, do you want to stop me here or lose me forever.

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