Rajjo 20th November 2022 Written Update

Rajjo 20th November 2022 Written Update by Amena

Rajjo 20th November 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Urvashi blaming Rajjo. She says I was weak there, I feel safe here, I can tell everything, Rajjo got me kidnapped. Rajjo asks why would I do that. Urvashi says she wanted Arjun’s sign on the bank account deposits. Rajjo says she is a liar, I will tell you everything, Urvashi has tried to get 30 lakhs from your account, the papers were on her name, not mine, I fought with her in the hospital in your room, you were sleeping, so you don’t know. Urvashi and Rajjo argue.

Arjun asks them to just shut up. He says I don’t understand anything, I won’t call anyone right today, but I won’t trust anyone, because I got cheated, no talks from now, you want to prove it, get the proof in front of me. Rajjo thinks I will do it now, Kalindi has the papers. Urvashi gives the phone and says this has cctv footage. Arjun checks it. He sees Rajjo running with the papers. Rajjo asks what happened, show me. Arjun shows the footage.

She says I ran with the papers, trust me, its not like its appearing. Arjun taunts her. Rajjo says you are misunderstanding me, why would I take money. Urvashi says you need money, you are greedy. Rajjo says shut up, don’t talk in between. She asks Arjun to listen to her. She says I was saving the papers from Urvashi. Jhilmil says everyone knows who is poor here. Madhu says she is so shameless. Rajjo says trust me. Arjun says fine, done.

He asks Rajjo to give a proof. He says you have saved the FD papers, where did you keep it, show it to me. Rajjo says yes, I will get it, I have those papers, Kalindi has the papers. She asks Kalindi to tell everyone. Kalindi says yes, she gave me some papers, she asked me to keep it in locker. Chirag asks didn’t you see the papers. Kalindi says no, I had no time, Arjun was in the hospital. Rajjo thinks why is she lying, maybe she is scared of Madhu. Rajjo says see, I wasn’t stealing the money. Arjun and Rajjo ask Kalindi to get the papers. Rajjo says Urvashi will get exposed now. Jhilmil asks Kalindi to get the papers. Kalindi goes. Jhilmil says Rajjo is confident, is Urvashi cheating us. Madhu scolds her. Kalindi gets the papers. Arjun checks and says Rajjo’s name is written on these papers, you are greedy. Rajjo says no, this can’t happen. He says yes, read your name. Urvashi thinks Rajjo, I heard everything you told to Arjun, how did you think you can get Arjun, see what price you pray for that courage.

Arjun scolds Rajjo and tears the papers. Urvashi says I took an advantage of the time you wasted with Kalindi. She recalls meeting Vicky. She says I sold my necklace to get you bailed out, come to the point. He says I like girls like you. She says you have to kidnap me. He says no. She says I know everything about your crimes, you will get 50 lakhs for this. He asks why do you want to do this. She says to take revenge, Arjun and Rajjo got married and ruined our lives, they should also get ruined by our hands. She asks him to tie the chunni to the car, Rajjo will see this. She acts and asks him to make the video. She says when you get caught.. He says I know, I have to take Rajjo’s name. FB ends. Urvashi says Arjun won’t listen to you now. Arjun gets angry and says you lied to me, you played games with me, you crossed the limits, you kidnapped Urvashi. He blames her. Rajjo cries and says no, listen to me, I didn’t do this. Arjun says I m connecting the dots. Urvashi smiles. Arjun says kidnapper changed the place because of you, you were the mastermind of this game, I would have given a blank cheque, you tried to kill Urvashi, why. She says I didn’t do anything, I didn’t give her these papers, Urvashi’s name was written on it, Kalindi knows it, she told me to snatch the papers from Urvashi, I was going to race competition, Kalindi informed me. She asks Kalindi to tell them the truth. She insists Kalindi. She says tell them, I m saying the truth.

Arjun and Rajjo argue. She holds his collar and scolds him. She asks him to come with her. Kaka says Mannu isn’t in the hospital.

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