Rajjo 28th November 2022 Written Update

Rajjo 28th November 2022 Written Update by Amena

Rajjo 28th November 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pushkar saying you are acting of memory loss to fool Chirag. Mannu says you met me at the NGO also, I don’t know you. He asks her to shut up, else he will throw the hot tea at your face. She gets angry and says I don’t know you. He scolds her. She says I really don’t know you, believe me, Rajjo got after me and you also, forgive me, let me go. He makes her fall down. She falls and drops the tea tray. Rajjo runs to hold Mannu. Madhu and Jhilmil scold Mannu for breaking the costly crockery set. Jhilmil says Pushkar’s hand would have got burnt. Pushkar says relax, I m fine. Madhu says Rajjo and Mannu are Rahu ketu in our kundali. Mannu hides the papers and goes. Madhu taunts her. Pushkar asks Rajjo to clean all this and get a bag from his car, he will stay here for some days until Arjun gets married. Madhu says it’s a good decision, its Arjun’s tilak tomorrow.

Madhu cries and says Pushkar has a doubt on me, so he came here to stay, so that I don’t say his truth to Rajjo, what shall I do now. She says I have the proof in Rajjo’s favor. She sees the paper ruined my the tea stains. She cries. She hears everyone coming and hides. Rajjo comes to Arjun’s room and sees him deciding the clothes for tilak ceremony. She smiles. He sees her. Maine tere naam dil rakhdiya…plays…

He says you always come here. She teases him. He lifts her and holds her against the wall. They argue. Mannu thinks to meet Rajjo and tell about Urvashi. Pushkar walks in the corridor. Mannu hides. Chirag gives the mouth freshener and says I need it a lot. Mannu thinks how shall I go to my Rajjo, and tell his truth. Pushkar says I don’t want to talk to you, you are going against the family. Chirag says I m not staying drunk these days, I m careful now, let me handle things. Madhu looks on.

Arjun asks Rajjo not to murmur and say clearly. He drops her down and says don’t come next time, if you come then knock, because I will be married soon. He asks her to remove the mangalsutra and sindoor of his name. Pushkar looks around. Madhu says I got a big support by your coming, but you are seeing what’s happening here, Chirag is supporting Rajjo, take this matter in your hands, you know how Rajjo ruined the marriage, I don’t know what she will do this time, Arjun wants to make her baraati, this time law is with us, but not children, I feel its Mannu and Rajjo’s plan. He says yes, I also think so. She says do something that their drama ends. He says I will do something if you say. She thanks him. He says its family matter, I have to help family. She asks him to take rest. She goes. He says you gave me freedom to ruin the enemy, I will create a havoc now.

Arjun asks why are you wearing the suhaag signs, what did I do with you. Rajjo says you have made me a drama, like your marriage, you have forced me to stay here. She says like I was helpless, you are helpless, I will remove your name signs when I prove that I was right and you were wrong, when I prove all the blames wrong, I will break this mangalsutra. She scolds him and cries. Rajjo comes to Mannu. Mannu thinks I can’t tell anything to Rajjo. Rajjo says I know you are sleeping, I don’t want to keep you away, I want to remind you the past. She says Urvashi can do anything, when she can kidnap herself and create a big drama, when she can loot Arjun’s money in his unconscious state, then she can do anything, I feel hurt that I can’t do anything. Mannu says even I m hurt.

Mannu and Rajjo work. Arjun and Rajjo click a selfie. Mannu waits for Rajjo to tell her everything. Rajjo sees Arjun with Urvashi, and cries. Mannu gets drunk and hits Pushkar with a slipper.

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