Reporters 30th April 2015 Written Update

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Reporters 30th April 2015 Written Update by MA

Reporters 30th April 2015 Written Episode

Sunny tells Ananya that there is a problem in govt hospital. She says she has to inform office first. He says they can inform onthe way and takes her to the hospital where she sees people smearing professor’s face black and telling he rapes girls of his daughter’s age. Ananya reminices her dad being smeared and being alleged as a murderer. She calls Ronnie and tells she is in govt hospital and people are smearing professor sinha’s face and alleging him as rapist. He says he knows about it and asks to get the footage soon. He goes to Khalid’s room where Kabeer and Malvika are also present and shows them another channel’s news where a medical student alleges professor for s**ually harrassing him. Khalid says this is a big sensational news. Kabeer asks what name girl took. Malvika says Dr. Sinha. He says it is bullshit, Dr. Deependra Sinha is not like that. He asks Ronnie to get Ananya and also get news from rival channel. Ronnie says he knows people there and will get it. He calls Ananya to his cabin and asks her to convince Dr. Sinha to give interiew in their channel office and also get info about the girl who alleged him. She says okay and leaves. He gets someone’s call and walks out. He sees Ananya having snacks, reminisces her telling she is fasting and asks what about her fast. She says she broke it. He asks her not to tell Sinha about him.

Khalid brings cake, gathers staff and says they are #2 channel now and it is time for celebration. Kabeer comes out of his cabin and says there is no place for #2 in this world and only sympathy. They will keep cake here and let it stink, but whenever they become #1, they will cut it. Khalid says they will get bigger double decker cake when they become #1. Kabeer says he wants all his staff to develop a spark of becoming #1 and win the race. Manav who listens to his conversation thinks Kabeer is right, he will become #1 and will sacrifice Kabeer.

Kabeer meets his friend Tarini in a children’s disability hospital and hugs her, asks where is her son Anurag. She says he is angry and is on bench. He goes and tries to cheer him up with rasgullas and cake. Kid does not smile. Tarini gets cake. He cheers him up and make him smile and carries him on wheelchair to cut cake. All children sing happy birthday. Kabeer asks everyone to have cake. He goes aside with Tarinii and gives him money for her sting operation. She gets emotional and says she thinks sometimes what would have hapned to her and her son if he is not there. She leans on his shoulder and emotionally tells where would she keep him. A man comes and wishes Anurag happy birthday. Kabeer says whenever he sees Anurag, he feels guilty. Man says this guilt will be with him whole life. Manav watches them hiding and thinks Kabeer is too friendly with his stringer Tarini, they are couples and he will make a news reader a news headline and will ruin Kabeer sharma.

Ananya meets Dr. Sinha at his home and gets sad hearing his news. She says until he gives his statement, he won’t be proved innocent. Sinha tells he allowed her in as she is from Kabeer’s channel. His wife asks Ananya to leave. Ananya sadly walks out.

Kabeer starts his news report and eleborates about Dr. Sinha’s ssexual harrassment news and says neither govt or hospital or college took doc’s side and says until doc is proved guilty, it is not appropriate for him to allege. Ronnie tells his fellow broadcaster that Kabeer knows how to twist news. Manav says he is just mocking rival channel’s news. Kabeer says Dr. Sinha is a pretigious doc and was even in prime minister’s medical group, until they listen to Dr. Sinha, they can never know the truth.

Precap: Rival channel news reader reports that Kabeer is a divorcing and is using his ex-intern for sting operations and is having an ilegal affair with her. Ananya is shocked to see the news. Manav smiles seeing the news. Trisha asks if he knew Kabeer is a divorcee. He smirks.

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