Rishton Ka Manjha 17th January 2022 Written Update

Rishton Ka Manjha 17th January 2022 Written Update by Atiba

Rishton Ka Manjha 17th January 2022 Written Episode

Scene 1
Arjun says Diya stayed silent to save her dad. Tina threatened her to kill her dad. But you forgot that we are a team before husband and wife. She showed me a hint and then I spoke to her. Diya told Arjun everything. Arjun says the video of Mohan you sent to Diya had a calendar and location. Diya noted it. She gave that clue to me. Arjun went there and hit the goons. He saved Mohan. Arjun took him home. Arjun says the police is here, your real home. Go there fast. Tina gets arrested. Inspector says to Niharika you were also part of her plan. You’ve to come to police station whenever we call you. Diya slaps Tina. Diya says this slap to hurt my dad. She slaps her again and says this to trying to take my husband from me. You made a wife and daughter helpless. You tried to make me weak. Arjun is my strength and he’s always with me. They take her.

Niharika says I am sorry. Please forgive me. She cries. Niharika says please forgive me. Madhuri hugs Diya and says I am so sorry. Please forgive us. I thought I lost my Diya. How could I believe it. I always fellt it can’t be you. Depika says forgive me too. We thought there was something wrong but we couldn’t see such a big plan. Diya says that wasn’t your Diya. Madhuri hugs Diya. Arjun gives a badminton racket to Diya and says hit me. I made a sin by doubting you. How could I? I called you selfish but I was selfish. I was so blinded by this win that I couldn’t see the helplessness behind you. I am so sorry. Diya says I should thank you. If you weren’t there I won’t have been able to see my dad again. You were there with me when Tina kidnapped me too. In my heart. You were strength. Tina or anyone can’t part us. Arjun says no can. We will stronger together.

Scene 2
Depika comes and coughs there. She says your food. Depika says I am mad at you both. you both didn’t give me any hint. I said such bad things to Diya. Please forgive me. Arjun says it was part of our plan. Otherwise Tina would have a doubt. Depika says let Diya eat now. Diya says I don’t feel like eating. Arjun says you’re such a foodie we all know. You have lost so much weight. Arjun says you are still eligible to play for the state. You didn’t play that match. Diya says you will play too. Arjun says what do you mean? She says I got your file from the camp. I had proof of your innocence. He says where are those papers? Diya says I hid them in the camp but then I was abducted from there. Arjun says I can’t go back to the court. Diya says why can’t you? People will be so happy for you. Your fans still look for you in other players. Everyone wants to see this racket in your hands. You’ve to win and close this game. It’s about time.

Scene 3
Depika brings Diya downstairs. Diya says I will fall. Depika shows her all her favorite food. Diya says all this for me? She’s so happy. Diya says thank you bhabhi. Thank you. She says I didn’t make it. Madhuri comes. Diya says maa you made it? She says no. Dadi says whoever made it, they’re very tasty. Diya says it’s so special thanks Dadi. Dadi says I didn’t make it. Diya says then who did? Arjun comes. Diya says Arjun did you make all this? He says of course I did. I am your trainer. You know my cooking skills. He makes her eat. Arjun says eat as much as you want, then training would start. Madhuri says she’s so weak. No one would talk about training. She says eat whenever you want. dadi says I can also cook for you. Diya says thank you dadi. You all love me so much. Dadi says it’s makarsakranti. Diya says I will make everything maa makes me for me. Arjun says I will also eat it.

Arjun gets a call from Raghu kaka. Raghu kaka says there’s a huge problem. Dr. Ramish Sen got murdered. Arjun recalls his name was in the file. Arjun is shocked.

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