Rishton Ka Manjha 26th January 2022 Written Update

Rishton Ka Manjha 26th January 2022 Written Update by Atiba

Rishton Ka Manjha 26th January 2022 Written Episode

Scene 1
Arjun says to Diya you should have been there. People who were scared of Karan are ready to speak the truth now. They see his tshirt on the floor. Arjun says did you open my closet? Diya says why? He says this tshirt wasn’t there. Diya says I didn’t take it out. How did it come here? Arjun says we have to stay alert. Keep an eye on Niharika. Depika says there’s police downstairs. They have a search warrant. They’re asking for you. Come fast. Diya says Ajrun you stay here. I will handle them. You can react in anger. Arjun says I knew he would do something. Diya says I will handle.

Madhuri says what search warrant? He says we have a news your son has drugs hidden in this house. Madhuri says how can you accuse that? Kush says he doesn’t even play. He says we have orders from our senior. Arjun says who is your senior? Karan Mathur? Inspector says mind your language. We don’t raid any house like this. we have an information. You have a history with drugs. Madhuri says those statements, that accusation it was a lie. My son never took drugs. He was trapped. Diya says we know who sent you and why are you here. Madhuri says we won’t let you search in our house. Let me call your senior. He says we won’t leave without searching. We have orders, let us cooperate. Arjun says let them. I was never wrong. Nor am I today. Inspector says whers is your room? Arjun says didn’t Karan give you a map? His wellwishers come a lot to my place. Paravati says in heart once thye find it I would run.

Scene 2
Arjun says this is my room. Karan must have told you where he kept the drugs. They look around but there’s nothing. PAravti says how is that possible? Arjun says keep looking. Where are you going sir? Go check other rooms too. Diya says what are you doing Arjun? I am sure karan kept drugs at our house. Arjun says he did. When Diya left Arjun found the drugs. He wondered who would have kept them. Arjun found them all. Diya says where are they? Arjun says I flushed them. Diya says thank God. Diya says Niharika? Arjun says no it’s someone else. She’s not left the house. It’s someone else. Diya says who? Arjun says things were messed in the house. I will stay two steps ahead of Karan.

Scene 3
Inspector comes to Karan. Karan says which jail did you send him to? Here’s your money. I’ve to update media too. Inspector says I didn’t arrest him. Karan says I paid you for the raid. He says we did a raid but there was no drugs. Karan says how is that possible? Inspector says we did our job. There was nothing. we looked in the whole house. Arjun helped us. We went against Agarwals because of you. My job is at stake. He leaves. Karan calls Paravti. She’s scared. Paravati says he won’t believe me. What should I do. Karan says you lied to me. Now your husband and son will pay for this mistake. She says please forgive me. I kept that packet there. I don’t know where did they go. I kept the drugs there. I don’t know where did they go. Diya and Arjun come in.

Arjun takes her phone. Karan says how can you do this? now get ready for the punishment. Arjun says there will be punishment. I did this to you not Paravati. I flushed them before police came. You can plan the next attack. Your countdown has started. You have 24 hours. Try to be a little innovative this time. Karan is angry. Karan says I will ruin your life in next 24 hours. He calls someone and says I wanna meet you. Paravati says Arjun please fogrive me. I made a mistake. Diya says Karan ruined Arjun’s life. This family took care of you and you did this? If you needed money you should have asked him. Arjun says it’s not her mistake. It’s just work when money becomes life. I am sure she was helpless and Karan uses such people. Arjun says no one would say anything her. She sits in his feet. Arjun says get up. Arjun says don’t sell your soul for money again. If you need money ask. Arjun says don’t tell maa Diya. She will fire her. Karan will do something big now. He can try to kill me now. Diya says what?

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