Saas Bina Sasural 22nd August 2012 Written Update

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Saas Bina Sasural 22nd August 2012 Written Update by SBSRocks

Chaturvedi Hall

Tej and Smiley are ready to go for the Salsa Dance Competition..They are going to check out their names and stage rehearsal as the competition is in the evening..Before leaving, Malti gives them dahi-shakkar as it’s considered to be lucky.. Shobha does their aarti and has promised to offer 11 coconuts if they win first prize..Tej takes Dadaji’s blessings..Gyaan asks Tej to check everything before leaving?? Tej asks Nitika if he packed his shoes but she seem to have forgot..She asks Pracheen to quickly brings Tej’s shoes which are found under his bed..

Tejya’s room

Pracheen was about to leave the room with Tej’s shoes when Smiley stops him?? She asks him why is he in a bad mood..Pracheen is sad as Dimple refused to be his salsa partner..Smiley is confused and Pracheen goes away..Tej comes to call Smiley as they are getting late

Tej remembers about his beautiful moments with his Toasty seeing the photo collage. He tells his Toasty that he will surely win this competition as he know that her love and her presence is always with him. He gives her a flying kiss and leaves <3 Salsa Dance Competition-Mumbai 2012 The organiser, Mr.Vicky Manhotra tells Tej and Smiley that theyhave 1 hour time for their rehearsal as other particiapants will come after.. Both get ready for their practice and they start dancing on 'Udi' tune..While practicing, Tej notice that a big maching was about to fall on Smiley..He runs to save Smiley and he gets badly hurt on hs shoulders..Smiley is suprised and asks him if he is OK??Tej seems unwell and he falls down..Tej is unconscious and Smiley is upset.. She doesn't know what to do?? The doctor examines Tej and confirms that nothing is serious and there are no injuries..He tells Smiley to take him to the hospital as sometimes there are bad injuries inside which cannot be seen.. Tej is now conscious..Mr.Vicky is screaming at the worker as someone's life could be at risk to to that big mistake..Smiley talks to Mr.Vicky and tells him that Tej is being give an injection,so they can't particiapte as he needs to go to the hospital.. Tej is being stubborn to continue the practice..Smiley tries to make him understand but he doesn't want to listen to anyone..Tej wants to win..Both continue on with their dance when Smiley notices that Tej got fever..She runs to bring medicines..Tej seems really unwell.. Chaturvedi family has come..Smiley is now relieved and asks them to make Tej understand as he doesn't want to listen to anything..Dadaji tells Smiley that once tej has decided to do something, he won't listen to anyone and he will win only for his toasty..Tej comes there looking for Smiley..He tells her that he is completely fine and she doesn't need to ask anyone to make him understand as he would never remove his name..Pashu tells Tej that they are here to support them heartedly and they will win the first place.. Nitika tells them to go and ger ready for the competition The competition has started.. The hosts welcomes everyone and talks about love between husband and wife..Everyone welcomes all the participants with a big round of applause. First couple dances on 'Seniorita' music.. Second couple dances on 'O Solemiya' tune.. Third couple dances on 'Sholon Mi Sholon Mi Teri Aankho ki Ye Roshni'Everyone claps.. and Chaturs seem to be enjoying.. Prayer Corner-Chaturvedi House Malti prays to God and asks Him to shower his blessings on Tej and Smiley so that they can dances so well to win the first prize. She says that He only can help them to make Toasty's dream come true Salsa Dance Competition-Mumbai 2012 Tej and Smiley are on stage performing on 'Udi' tune..(HaiiMera handsome,dashing Ravi *Unconscious*) Chaturs cheer them up..shouting <>..Everyone claps for them

**Pre-cap**The host says that they have already announced the 1st and 2nd Runner Up and after watching each one’s performance, judges have decided the winner..They are Mr&Mrs…Tej and Smiley are tensed as well as the other participants

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