Saas Bina Sasural 27th August 2012 Written Update

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Saas Bina Sasural 27th August 2012 Written Update by Tejy_Kumari

~Smiley is still confused and feels awkward over her feelings for Tej and decides to stay away from him as much as she can.

~She asks Nitika to give Tej his meds and food and tries to avoid Tej as much as possible and Dadaji notices.

~(One of the only scenes other than the last ones that I had watched fully…it was very entertaining…must watch scene) Tej is stuck at home because of his injury. Dimple comes over yelling for Prachin and Tej asks what’s up and Dimple says she has come to pull Prachin’s ears…Tej happily says is that so? and hides Dimple behind him and calls out to Prachin Prachin comes and asks what happened and Tej says wait, beta, something is going to happen now and moves aside to reveal the angry sherni. Prachin goes into 7th heaven seeing Dimple and then realizes she is angry and then the sherni pounces and yells at him for not returning her notes yesterday because of which she wasn’t able to study…they have a typical Tom and Jerry fight and Tej takes full pleasure from it and gives them knowing looks Suddenly he gets chakkar because of his neck and holds onto Smiley’s shoulder for balance…Smiley feels uncomfortable and calls Dimple over and takes Tej’s hand and puts it on Dimple and tells Dimple to take him back to his room and make him rest.

~Sudha is worried as Dadaji informed her that Smiley is avoiding Tej. Lalit tries to make her relax but Sudha is worried that something will happen to Toasty before this wish of hers is done.

~Dadaji sees Tej go to bathroom and does a natak to get Smiley to run into Tej’s room, worried for that he can indirectly lecture her and make her realize that she is in love with Tej…she finally start to realize it. Tej comes back and is confused about what is up as Dadaji was yelling for him before…Dadaji uses chess as an excuse and gets Smiley to meet him in his room.

~Smiley admits to Dadaji that she has started falling in love with Tej.

~Dadaji informs Sudha. Sudha is happy that they are halfway there but doesn’t know how they will accomplish the second half as convincing Tej will be the most difficult feat.

~Ved and Pitaji come back and are happy to see baby Toasty and Pitaji finally meets Smiley and thanks her for everything she did. They all go back to their individual rooms to relax and talk and Shobha wonders to Malti that before no one ever stopped talking or calling out for Toasty and today no one is even taking her name. Malti says this is because of their samajdaari.

~Ved is crying to Nitika in their room that it was so hard for him to act happy without Toasty there and that the house seems so empty and sad without her. He tells her that when they found out that Toasty wanted that everyone remain happy after her death, he and Pitaji decided that when they came home, they would talk about all happy things but now he can’t help but cry out. Nitika says to him that he should talk to Tej at least once too about it for condolences. Ved doesn’t know how to talk to Tej about it.

~Pitaji asks Dadaji, how can I explain to him and console him (matlab Tej) when I can’t even make myself understand or console myself? I can’t believe that Toasty is gone…the house is so lifeless without her…she was the life and soul of this house. He reveals that Toasty had sent him a letter explaining everything and also about her wish to get Tej and Smiley married. Dadaji tells him that he is the only one that can convince Tej to get married.

Pre-Cap: Pitaji tells Tej that it’s not only them who want him to get re-married but also Toasty wanted it. He gives Tej the letter that Toasty sent him (Pitaji) and Tej reads it (and of course now will unwillingly agree for the shaadi)

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