Saas Bina Sasural 5th September 2012 Written Update

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Chaturvedi Hall

Chaturs are tensed why Tej has not come back home yetThey tried contacting him but no replies, his phone was switched offShobha thinks that Tej might have run away in the fear of getting married..Dadaji and Pitaji are suprised hearing Shobha’s wordsPashu agrees as Tej was completely against this weddingNitika wonders that it was bit too fast to take the decisionMalti agrees as there had not been so much time Toasty had gone but Pashu completely disagrees as no one forced tej to accept, he could have refusedPitaji is really angry at Tej..He calls Tej mad boy as Tej thinks that Toasty is alive and that’s why he is refused for the weddingPitaji says that he will never forgive him if he did such a nonsense because wedding is not a joke and he will not give Tej any of his propertyEveryone are shocked to see Pitaji’s reactionsSudha bends towards Lalit and whispers <>Lalit whispers <> Sudha whispers <> Lalit wonders where could Tej be?

Ashram-TeJya Reunited

*Haii TeJya Hug #5*Toasty is crying..tears of joyTej smiles at herBoth are extremely very happy to see each other *Eee..Great TeJya Hug #6*Tej and Toasty hugs each other Toasty tells Tej that she will call her mother and Tej tells her that he will inform Smiley
*Remembering yesterday’s epi. Haiii Haii watching again&again (Waah Waah<3)* Chaturvedi Hall/Malti-Pashu Room Pashu is again trying to call Tej but he is still unreachableVed wonders where did Tej go??Meanwhile,Sudha gets a call from Toasty and she makes sign to Lalit that she is going inside to talk to ToastyLalit understand her signs and follows her to the room.. Smiley is worried thinking that she must pretend everything is fine and make everyone believe that they both are getting married until Tej doesn't confirm the news that he is coming back with toasty or else the family will have doubtsSmiley looks at Toasty's wedding saree and seems very tensed Dadaji's room Everyone except Smiley is gathered in Dadaji's room..Dadaji is suprised but at the same time very happy that Toasty is aliveSudha and Lalit told them the whole truthPitaji is shocked how can they keep making the family believe that Toasty is dead when she is actually alive?Lalit tells pitaji that it's because Toasty asked them to do that and they couldn't refuseShobha gets angry and says that Toasty is a child and she did what she think was right but they should have stop her from being childishDadaji tells Shobha that this was not Toatsy's childish thoughts but her sacrifices that she chose such a difficult roadDadaji says that it's very difficult to take such a big decision for a person who comes to know that he has some days only to liveHe says that Toasty tried not to make them suffer even if she was suffering and also she tried to make Tej's future betterVed says that this is the most happiest news that their Toasty is aliveNitika says that now they can see and meet her againMalti says that Choti Toasty can now meet her aunt, badi ToastyPitaji says <> Dadaji agrees and says that God’s miracles are also present in today’s world and He will surely show a miracle for their Toasty

Smiley comes and tells Nitika that she needed her help to choose another wedding outfit as Toasty’s saree doesn’t fit her well..Everyone is sad seeing herThey don’t know what to do? Smiley asks why is everyone so tensed and assured them that everything will go on wellSudha goes to help Smiley..Shobha says that Smiley seems so happy for her weddingPitaji wonders how can they tells Smiley that this wedding can’t happen?

Malti-Pashu room/Chaturvedi Hall

Smiley asks Sudha to help her choose the wedding sarees but Sudha seems distractedSmiley asks her what happened?? Sudha tries to tell her about toasty coming backSudha tells Smiley that she should re think about her decision for the wedding as it may cause lots of problems in the future as Tej sometimes agrees and sometimes refuses; so it will be better for her to think calmly about the weddingSmiley wonders if Tej told something to Sudha??Sudha tells her that Tej didn’t tell her anything..She was unable to tell it to Smiley..She chose a blue saree and leaves the room sadly..Smily is tensed as well

A typical Tom&Jerry fight between Sudha and PitajiSudha tells pitaji that she was unable to tell the truth to Smiley as her eyes were filled with happiness for her weddingSudha asks pitaji to tell the truth to Smiley himself but he refused as it was Sudha who proposed Tej and Smiley weddingSudha tells pitaji that she was only doing what Toasty asked her to do and she also asked for the family’s opinion before preparing for the weddingPitaji tells Sudha that she doesn’t have that courage to face Smiley and tell her the truthSudha says <> Pitaji was forced to go and tell the truth at the end

Smiley is looking for her phone when pitaji comes in..He asks her what was she looking for?Smiley tells him that her phone is missing;wonder where she had put it and asks him if he had anything to tell her?pitaji also was unable to tell her and changed the topic..He asks if the wedding saree is finalisedSmiley tells him not to worry, everything will be done in time..pitaji tells Smiley that she is a very nice girl and Tej also is a very nice boy..He says that she will get a better man than Tej, the one who will loves her from his bottom of his heartSmiley says to herself that no one exists better than TejPitaji was about to tell her that the wedding can be canceled but Smiley stops him and says that it can’t be canceled She thinks <>..Pitaji tries to convince her to cancel the wedding but Smiley tells him that she loves challenges in life and after wedding, her challenge will be to win Tej’s heart and after that their marital life will also be very interestingPitaji is confused what to do..Smiley tells him to prepare for the wedding and not to worryPitaji leaves the room confusedSmiley seems upset

Ashram-TeJya Reunited

Tej is preparing Toasty’s bag..Tej holds Toasty and both leaves the Ashram to finally reach Chaturvedi Nivaas

Dadaji’s room

Dadaji says that life is so strange;someone’s happiness could be someone’s sorrowsPitaji says that he was unable to tell the truth to Smiley..Pashu wonders on which road did they bring such a happy girl? Ved says that this house itslef in which Smiley brought happiness will be the biggest cause of her sorrowsShobha wonders how will Smiley react when she will know the truth?Pashu says that he doesn’t have the courage to face Smiley but Dadaji tells him that he will have to face her and tells her the truth before she gets dressed up as a dulhanDadaji blames himself for Smiley’s condition as he helped Toasty to bring Tej and Smiley togetherDadaji gets a flashback where Toasty tells him that they need to bring love between the boy and the girl..Even if it was a difficult task, he planned the steps with ToastyDadaji says that he has to tell the whole truth to Smiley..He leavesEveryone is upset

Chaturvedi Hall

Wedding preparations are going on!!Tej’s friends hands Smiley back her phone as she forgot it at his place..Smiley gets a call from Tej..She tells him that she actually forgot her phone at his friend’s place and asks him what happened? She gets very happy to know that Tej&Toasty are coming back and tells them to come back fast

Pitaji calls Gyaan,Pracheen,Nitika and Malti so that they can all together tell the whole truth to SmileyEveryone seems upset..Smiley asks them what happened?Did she make any mistake?Smiley’s mother also comes back from shopping..Dadaji tells Smiley that he has to say something as well as Smiley says that she has to tell them something..Pashu tells her to first let Dadaji talk..Dadaji tells Smiley that life is very strange as we can’t control anything; only God himself can change destinyChaturs tries to tell the truth in a different way..they talk here and there..upside down but Smiley didn’t understand anythingChaturs are disappointed even though they tried their unique wayPashu asks her what did she want to tell Dadaji? Smiley smiles and says Toasty Is Alive and she is coming back homeEveryone is shocked that Smiley already knows about the truth*Sigh* She says that she just spoke to Tej and he said that they would be reaching home soonChaturs gets very excited to hear such a great newsNitika says that she’ll fight a lot with Toasty..she will not talk to…when she sees Toasty and Tej comingShe is suprised and very happyEveryone turns and actually sees Tej with ToastyChaturs are double excitedToasty is very happy to be back home and Tej has a unique smile on his face *Haii mere budhuram*Tej and Toasty smile

Perfect Ending-TeJya Reunites

**Precap** Phir Se Hogi Tej aur Toasty Ki ShaadiTej puts sindoor on Toasty’s maangBoth Tej and Toasty do the saath phereTej is extremely happy to be with his Toasty,so is ToastyChaturs are double excited<3 Suddenly,Toasty feels dizzy and she holds Tej's shouldersTej holds her tightly<3Chaturs are worried to see Toasty in a bad health condition

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