Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 15th January 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 15th January 2021 Written Update by MA

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 15th January 2021 Written Episode

Gehna prepares Anant’s birthday cake at outhouse and takes it home. She sees lights off and gives cake to Alpa. Baa brings Anant to living room. Lights are on, and whole family wishes him happy birthday. Baa says she is very happy today as whole family is celebrating his birthday after a long time. Gehna watches standing near door. Anant’s friend wishes him and asks about his wife Gehna. Anant says she must be busy in household chores. Kanak thinks even after she tried so much, Gehna baked cake for Anant and dumped it here. Radhika keeps her baked cake next to Gehna’s cake. Kanak says her cake describes her love for Anant, so Anant will cut only her cake. Anant looks at both cake and cuts Gehna’s cake, leaving Radhika, Kanak, and Hema in shock and Gehna crying emotionally. Anant feeds cake to Baa, and she blesses him. He then feeds it to Bapuji and Paresh. Anant sees Gehna near door and walking away. Radhika stands crying. Tia asks Alpa to cut cake and serve it to guests. Bapuji tells Paresh that Gehna is not here at Anant’s birthday party, so he will bring her. Paresh says after yesterday’s accident, Gehna is feeling bad, how will she feel if he brings her here among so many people. Bapuji says Gehna saved Baa’s life twice, even then Anant scolded her. Paresh says for us, Gehna is not here, but for Anant she is here and hence he cut Gehna’s prepared cake. Radhika gets jealous hearing that and then guests and Hema praising Gehna’s cake and runs to terrace crying. Kanak walks behind Radhika. Radhika angrily asks why did she lie that Anant loves her and called her here, she knew Anant doesn’t love her anymore, but she believed her and came here; she is humiliated because of her and will not stay her. Kanak says Anant really loves her. Radhika says one who loves respects them also, but Anant insulted her and cut Gehna’s cake instead. Kanak says Anant cut Gehna’s cake to fulfill his responsibility, but he loves only Radhika.

Ananth walks to Gehna and says he told her many times to apply cream on her injury. He asks to show her hand and applies cream on her wound. He then thanks her for cake and says it was good, but spelling was wrong. She says she will learn. He says yesterday was an accident and not her mistake, he scolded her unnecessarily; he actually was afraid fearing family members’ lives; he is really sorry. She asks not to say him sorry as she didn’t feel bad and had made a mistake, so he should forgive her instead. He says everyone are waiting for her in party. She says she cannot come as he know what happened during party last time, reminiscing the incident, and says she doesn’t want him to face humiliation. He says he never face humiliation because of her. Kanak continues to brainwash Radhika saying Anant made a mistake by leaving her and marrying illiterate Gehna, he married Gehna because of Bapuji’s promise, but Radhika doesn’t have any problem; she loves him so much, then how can she leave him for illiterate Gehna; Gehna feels humiliated after her yesterday’s mistake. Anant tells Gehna that he can never feel humiliated because of his wife and asks her to promise that she will study and move ahead.

Anant takes Gehna to party venue. Radhika walks to Gehna, gives her sorry card, and says she felt good seeing her in party. Gehna says even she felt good seeing her. Kanak says lets play a game. Baa says what will elders do in youngsters’ game, so youngsters can enjoy and elders will meet during lunch. She walks away with Bapuji and Paresh. Pankaj asks which game they will play. Radhika says truth or dare. They start game and spin bottle around. It stops at Pankaj and he chooses dare. Chetan asks him to do something unique for Kanak. He dances with her roughly singing Lalla Lalla Lori. Next, bottle stops at Radhika and she picks dare chit. Kanak asks her to sing a song for birthday boy. She signs Kyun Aaata Hai Seene Me…song for Anant and dances with him, but Anant doesn’t reciprocate to her moves. Next, bottle stops at Gehna and she picks truth. Radhika says Gehna has to prove that how much she knows her husband. She asks which his Anant’s favorite color, Gehna says yellow, she says blue; she asks Anant’s favorite hobby, Gehna says playing, she says reading books; she asks Anant’s favorite holiday destination, Gehna says Gujrat, she says Manali. Guest says Gehna is Anant’s wife, but Radhika knows more about Anant. She asks Gehna if Anant will choose love or family. Anant says Gehna is right, he will choose his family first. Kanak says let us continue, and bottle stops at Anant. Anant picks truth card. Radhika asks him to tell truth that whom he loves the most among people present here. Anant sits silently.

Precap: Radhika tells Gehna that she needs something from him. Gehna agrees. Radhika says she needs Anant, and Gehna agrees, leaving Kanak and Hema in shock.

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  1. Zara Hossain
    January 18, 07:24 Reply

    22 September 2020) saath nibhana saathiya episode places

  2. Desiree
    January 16, 04:32 Reply

    So wrong on so many levels and Radhika knows that gehna doesn’t understand what she is saying and I hope Anant put a stop to the foolishness that Radhika and kanak is doing to gehna.

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